We are excited to share one of our favorite reads with you. Ambition Redefined by Kathryn Sollman is a timely alternative to current women’s business books that define professional ambition and success as climbing the corporate ladder. In fact, this is not a path that all women want or should feel pressured to follow. Sollmann’s focus is on the more critical and widespread workplace issue for everyday women–to always work in a way that fits their lives alongside their two major caregiving roles: for children and aging parents.

Sollmann debunks common assumptions such as:

IT’S NOT “WORTH IT” UNLESS THE SALARY IS HIGH. Women forfeit up to 4X their salaries every year out of the workforce to care for children and/or elderly parents–and it does not take a six-figure salary to achieve long-term financial security.  Check out the book and order it now on Amazon.