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Education & tech alliance needed to build digital skills

In the age of the fourth industrial revolution, digital transformation, and web 3.0, it’s vital that young people have access to a ‘digital’ education to give them the right skills for the job market. From learning basic data management to more complex skills like coding, understanding ever-evolving technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning

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Developing urgency: empowering smart building technology for a sustainable future

The climate crisis represents a threat to the future health of our planet. According to a 2021 report by the Climate Action Tracker group, the world is headed for 2.4°C warming by the end of the century, a trend which will continue to fuel more intense storms, heat waves, and droughts — driving instability at the

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Michelle Luft

Michelle Luft is Senior Vice President, Senior Director of Operations for FactSet’s Research & Advisory Strategic Business Unit. Michelle is a people-focused and results-driven leader who adds an EQ lens to the traditional operations responsibilities of P&L ownership, revenue and cost forecasting, workforce planning, defining the business’ long-term strategy, and aligning team members across

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Jennifer Suh

Jennifer Suh (She/Her) Head of Corporate Technology Business Analysis and Project Management LinkedIn Jennifer Suh has spent over 20 years working in and around technology in the Financial Services Industry. Primarily focused on large system implementations and automation, Ms. Suh is passionate about finding creative solutions to complex problems by improving systems and

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Top Technology Trends You Must Follow in 2021

A digital revolution is taking place worldwide, with innovation being accelerated by technological advancements. Everywhere you turn, tech is reshaping industries and communities in ways people could not have imagined a few years ago. This year, there were some groundbreaking innovations. Here are a few that are really noteworthy: READ MORE FROM THE ORIGINAL SOURCE

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Five revenue-generating ideas for fintech/bank partnerships

The fintech industry worldwide has grown very successfully over the past decade. But since the global pandemic, start-ups have suffered through a lack of investment from areas that previously have supported the new financial technology revolution. Suddenly, funds in many places have dried up, or are being more cautiously spent. Therefore, new market entrants are

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COVID-19: What you need to know about the coronavirus pandemic on 7 May

1. How COVID-19 is impacting the globe Confirmed coronavirus cases are at more than 3.75 million worldwide, according to Johns Hopkins University. More than 263,000 people have died from the virus, while over 1.2 million have recovered. 2. US jobless claims rise by another 3.2 million The US Labor Department’s weekly jobless claim showed initial claims for unemployment benefits

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Nasdaq’s Women’s Initiatives Program

Corporate Learning Hub​ speaker Kathy Murray at Nasdaq Women's Initiatives Program speaking on women in technology.​ We are excited to have Kathy join us for the Tech Up for Women Conference to be held on November 14th in NYC.  ​Kathy will be moderating the "Deck to Dollars" program session. ​ Hope you can join us by going to our registration page and using

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Wendy Chin is a Corporate Learning Hub Faculty Member and Tech Up For Women Advisory Board Member. Wendy’s View – The Technology Enabled Future Virtual Assistants If you have the opportunity to look into future, what do you think you will see or what would you want to see?  Now that iPhone has officially turned

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