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Donnetta Campbell


Recognized globally as a pioneering social ecosystem architect, Donnetta offers clients strategic and influential reach into key social networks. She has fueled….Read More

Lana McGilvary

Purpose North America

Lana is the co-founder and CEO of Purpose Worldwide, a marketing communications consultancy that specializes in helping clients driveRead More

Taryn Miller

Sony Music Productions

Taryn Miller has been working in technology delivery for 16+ years, and in the music publishing industry for 24 years.  Taryn has been involvedRead More

Angela Howard

Sony Music Productions

Angela has 15+ years in the technology and project management areas. She has been part of Sony Music Publishing (SMP) Global IT since 2020Read More

Sravani Borra

Sony Music Productions

With more than 20 years of technology and management experience, Sravani Borra is Sony  Music Publishing’s Vice President, Data Warehousing….Read More

Carolina Abenante


In her role at NYIAX, Carolina Abenante leads the company’s business strategy, development and investor relations….Read More

Dee Meacham

Sony Pictures Entertainment

Dee Meacham is the SVP of People Solutions at Sony Pictures Entertainment, responsible for People & Organization (HR) transformation…Read more

Susan Adams

Sony Pictures Entertainment

Susan Adams is the SVP of Corporate IT at Sony Pictures Entertainment, responsible for leadership, client management, and end-to-end delivery…Read more

Dr. Shawn Ling Ramirez

Eisenrez Partners

Dr. Shawn Ramirez is an AI strategy leader and former professor with 15 years experience and a passion for AI for Good….Read More

Doreen Awuku-Agyeman

Cox Communications

Doreen Awuku-Agyeman is currently the Director of Segment and Multicultural Marketing Strategy at Cox Communications. In this role, sheRead More

Mary Spio


Mary Spio is the CEO and Founder of CEEK VR Inc (a streaming platform for virtual events and experiences that verifies content usage Read More

Jenna Bryant

Embedded Ventures

As a tech recruiter, Jenna established a reputation for being the go-to person in LA for hard-to-find engineering roles for early stage startups…Read More

Lisa Callahan

Lockheed Martin Space

Lisa B. Callahan is Vice President and General Manager of the Commercial Civil Space line of business for Lockheed Martin SpaceRead More

Jessica Posey


Jessica “JP” Posey is a Director at Twitter, where she oversees the company’s global self-serve advertising business. Jessica joinedRead More

Kathy Murray

McMorran Strategists

Kathy Murray, Founder & Co-Chair of Executive Forum Angels, is an experienced and creative business growth executive, angel…Read More

Shannon Platz


Shannon Platz is SAP’s Global Vice President for Platform Ecosystem, responsible for sales and marketing strategy…Read More

Kim Majerus

Amazon Web Services

Kim Majerus leads the U.S. state & local government and education vertical at Amazon Web Services (AWS). Her sales organization includesRead More

Stephanie Latham


Stepahnie Latham has spent her career mentoring, sponsoring and supporting women to achieve their ambitions. AsRead More

Emily Bartels


As the Vice President of Payments and Financial Services at Mindbody, Emily oversees strategy and operations for how money flows between consumers…Read More

Kim Storin


With three large-scale turnarounds and more than 25 acquisitions under her belt, Kimberly Storin is a three-time CMO that operates with a profit-centerRead More

Jillian Laks


Jillian leads LinkedIn’s Executive Training Program where the instinct to lean in, listen and learn fuels her every day. Her role is a mix ofRead More

Kristine McPherson


Kristine has been working for over a decade in the marketing and advertising industry. After graduating with B.A. in StatisticsRead More

Rob Canterbury


Rob is currently in Emerging Market business development at Qualcomm…Read more

Cindy-Anne Lewis

Capgemini & Lohika

Cindy-Anne heads up the Global Marketing team at Capgemini Engineering and Lohika, with responsibility for developing and building outRead more

Dr. Venera Anderson

The Harvard Business Review Advisory Council

As a global strategy advisor on sustainability and climate, Dr. Venera N. Anderson creates and implements innovative solutions that addressRead more

Nichole Meister


Nichole’s liberal arts and social sciences education is an unlikely foundation for a career in IT. But…Read more

Alison Huffman


Alison Huffman is Vice President of Product for Community Health at Twitch, the interactive livestreaming service for content gaming…Read more

Christine Weber


As the Chief Technology Officer of Twitch, Christine drives overall technical strategy and leads Twitch’s core platforms and services. She alsoRead more

Andrea Hogan


Andrea is the Head of Marketing and Sales for North America at Qualcomm managing globalRead more

Kristina Campbell


Kristina Campbell is Chief Financial Officer at Ripple. She has over 20 years of experience in finance operations and business strategy with a focus on..Read more

Rebecca Carvatt


Rebecca leads EY’s Crypto Banking and Capital Markets sector team and leads EY’s CFO Consulting practice in the West…Read more

Elina Vilk


Over more than 20 years, Elina Vilk has established herself in the marketing field as a leader and developer of high functioning teams and talent, a..Read more

Dayana Falcon

The Walt Disney Company

Dayana Falcon grew up in Miami where the warmth and electricity rubbed off on her starting at an early age. Being the first in her..Read more

Jennifer Laine

Oxford Road

With a BA in International Economics from Westmont College, Jennifer graduated ahead of schedule and spent the last year of her studies in…Read more

Sally Lehrman

The Trust Project

An internationally recognized expert and speaker on building a more trustworthy press, Lehrman was named one of MediaShift’s Top 20…Read more

Tamara Zubatiy


Tamara Zubatiy is the CEO and co-founder of Barometer, a company building an AI measurement Platform for brand suitability and contextual…Read more

Jennifer Haran


Jennifer Haran is a visionary executive, transformational growth strategist and inspirational tech leader. She has over 15 years of experience…Read more

Kate Phelan


Kate Phelan is a change and programme delivery leader from PwC’s Network Human Capital Operations team. Over the last 13 years, Kate has…Read more

Dr. Ouzama Henry


Dr. Ouzama Henry joined Dynavax in 2022 and currently serves as Vice President, Clinical Development. Dr. Henry has more than 14 years of…Read more

Serena Blanks

City of San Diego

Serena Blanks is the Head of Enterprise Systems, City of San Diego & Vice Chair San Diego Futures FoundationRead more

Jessica Bernstein


Jessica is an Industry Manager for Education and Audio at Meta, partnering with established and emerging EdTech companies and entertainment…Read more

Salleha Chaudhry


Salleha leads the Global Education Modernization Team at Meta. Her work is focused on co-creating products that bring educator voices to the…Read more