Tech Up for Women is an event & engagement platform for the advancement of women in technology through education, resourcing, collaboration and networking. The purpose of the event is to take the fear factor out of technology, empower women to surf the technology wave and advance their careers. The event will focus on new technological advances, cyber security, big data, digital & analytics, tech innovation, recruitment & careers, leadership and so much more!

Engage to learn new resources and opportunities to successfully compete and disrupt the gender imbalance in work environments. Keynote Speakers will share keen insights, and Skilled-Based Trainers will offer all the unique ability to learn about new tech innovations that will positively impact your career performance.

Lead in your industry by advancing your company’s women. Align yourself with other forward-thinking companies who are seeking to balance the gender equation in the workplace. Supporters become an integral part of this gathering of women who seek to discover new technologies, develop greater skills to compete, and give both themselves and their companies a competitive edge.