Clare Tattersall “What is the Point of Digital Fashion?”

Sumalatha Bachu & Geetha Ramachandran “Tech Journeys: Women in technology & the Evolution of the Industry”

Shannon Platz & Erica Lailhacar “Technology Innovation in Sales!”

JD Myers II & Doreen Awuku-Agyeman “Helping Women Break Barriers as an Ally”

Susan Sabo-Wagner & Shelby Chamberlain “Purpose-Built Technology for Real Patient-Powered Insights”

Jessica Jensen, Amanda Runner, & Cristina de la Cierva “Closing the Gender Pay Gap: Negotiation Strategies for Women by Women”

Jaidie Vargas & Asia Geeslin “Amazing Opportunities in CyberSecurity!”

Joan Yanabu “Tech Re-Igniting Your Career Direction!”


Rosalyn Fresard & Matt Berndt “Prepare for Your Next (perhaps unexpected) Job Search!”

Doreen Awuku-Agyeman & Nneka Chiazor “Bridging The Digital Divide”

Jane Atkinson Gajwani, Daria Reisch, & Caroline Vance “Tech Innovation: Food Waste Management”

Sabrina Noorani “ClearForMe – Clickable Ingredients!”

Cynthia Hudy and Stephanie Hicks “Future of Space Flight”

Hallee Deutchman & Erika Gupta “Transforming Industrial Manufacturing for Sustainability”

Regina Umbach, Laura Warnier, Marika Arvelid, & Anne Stilling “In the Metaverse”

Sheri West & Meghan Nealon “Tech Up Interview With LiveGirl”

Carol Millerick, Ana Keller, Bettina Sichel, & Mayacamas Olds “Technology in the Vineyard: Wine, Grapes & Tech”

Lori Hill & Carol Fishman Cohen “Reskilling…Even After a Break”

Natalie Daley “Technology Fueling Fashion & Retail”

Reba Beeson & Sabine Wisnioski“Regulatory Impact in Crypto Industry”

Reba Beeson & Sabine Wisnioski – “Global Opportunities in Crypto Now!”

Michelle Mason & Loretta DeLuca – “What Fuels Us All: Technology Innovation in Associations and Why IT Matters”

Kate Zamora, Rachelle Pierre-Lott, & Hilary Mostofi – “Technology, Caregivers & the Future of Work”

Mary Spio & Doreen Awuku-Agyeman – “Breaking barriers with Metaverse: How CEEK is Leading the Virtual Reality Experience”

Allie Diehl & Vinita Fordham – “Trustworthy AI”

Kathleen Tanner  – “Be Prepared: Tech Realities Around the Corner!”

Michal Oberlander, Jay Cary, & Lilac Ilan  – “Fueling the Future of Human Connection with 5G!”

Neha Dutta – “It’s All About Execution in Tech!”

Stephanie Arnette & Hannah Datz – “Stagnation to Growth”

Lynda Artesani – “Savvy Numbers! Automating Business Processes”

Gina Ortiz Jones – “Air Force Unleashed”

Michelle Abbs & Chris Daniels – “NFT’s, Women & Web3

Rachael Pahwaringira & Jonathan Novotny – “Code Jika: Beginners Mindset

Vanessa Otero, Adam Katz, & Lana McGilvray – “Data’s Role in Driving Responsible & Effective Advertising”

Alice Fauconnet, Anne McBride, PhD, Mavis-Jay Sanders, & Christina Senn-Jakobsen – “Tech Innovation for Sustainable Food

Sheila Jordan – “Constructing a Digital Transformation & a Career”

Hilary Mostofi, Susannah Baldwin, and Robin Wheeler – “Speak Up, Tech Up for Your Future”

Carolina Abenante, NYIAX, and Dan Spuller, Blockchain Association – “Essentials of NFT’s”

Carolina Abenante, NYIAX, and Michelle Hulst, The Trade Desk – “Adtech-TV Connections-Convergence”

Evy Poumpouras, Former Secret Service Agent and Author of Becoming Bulletproof – “Be Prepared in a Virtual World”

Donnetta Campbell, The Social Architects – “A Social Media Tech Up”

Lauren Dillard, Nasdaq – “Future of Technology – Where we are Headed & the Potential Impact”

Imma Calvo, Google, Tiffany Perkins-Munn, Blackrock, and Maria Tapia, IBM – “Learn to Pivot With new Technology”

General Van Ovost, US Department of Defense – “Technology is the Great Equalizer”

Lynn McMahon & Rori DuBoff, Accenture – “Let There Be Change: New Realities with Immersive Technologies”

Sabina Ewing, Pfizer – “Digital Health Innovation”

Laura Clayton McDonnell, ServiceNow – “Leading Digital Transformation – People-First Design Drives Great Employee Experiences”

Khadija Mustafa, Microsoft – “Artificial Intelligence: Re-Imagine Your Future”

Stephanie Latham, Facebook & Emily Ketchen, Lenovo – “Tech for Good”

Ariana Tadler of Tadler Law, Ruybna Zito of FINRA, Maria Demaree of Lockheed Martin, and Julie Parrish of RedSeal – “Explore Cyber Security Initiatives For 2021”

Vanitha Sugumaran, Anuja Singh, and Yuri Horvath of Amazon – “Demystifying Tech Careers”

Stephanie Latham of Facebook, Alexandra Carter of Columbia Law School, and Jessica Jensen of Indeed – “Time to Double Down on Negotiation – Now More than Ever”

Jennifer Willey of The Trade Desk and Carolina Abenante, founder of NYIAX – “Moving Forward with AdTech Innovations”

Zoe Bogan, KPMG, Ginger Siegel, Mastercard, Moderated by Kathy Murray, Angel Investor/TUFW – Corporate Support and Resources for Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses during this time

Megan Carnes Fazzari, Facebook, Kim Thompson, Spark and Susan Wyatt, Lyra Healt – “Resiliency Remodel: Banding Together to Bend and Not Break”

Claudia Bolliger-Winkler, Lionstep, and Déborah Heintze, Lunaphore Technologies, and Maneesha Ghiya, FemHealth Ventures – “Global Women Innovators Disrupting Tech”

Emily Ong, Girls Who Code & Meghan Nealon, Tech Up For Women – “Get To Know Girls Who Code!”

Lauren Brandt & Julie Cullinane, Facebook – “Supporting Women in the Workplace – Technology & Community”

Sierra Reid, Intel, Jessica Mara and Jasmine Chiang, Lenovo – “Female Innovators in Sports & Gaming”

Kathy Hopinkah Hannan, Sharmila (Shar) Kassam, & Camille Asaro– “How to Be Board Ready!”

Courtney Smith, NewNew – “Fearless Entrepreneur”

Michelle Crossan-Matos, Samsung and Imma Calvo, Google – “Transformation Strategies to advance Innovation- Be an Innovator” – Global Series with IFA

Lynn McMahon and Jennifer McLaughlin, Accenture – “The 5G Future”

Monique Morrow, Syniverse – “In Tech We Trust [or Not]? What does responsible use of data look like?”

Dayanne Danier & Cynthia Tee – “Leopards, Giraffes & Butterflies: The Web of Connections”

Khadija Mustafa, Microsoft and Faye Holland, Cofinitive – “The Power of AI – What does that mean to the future across the globe?” – Global Series with IFA

Nina Piper of Factset – “Inspiring Excitement about Machine Learning in Your Organization-Effectively & Responsibly”

Gina Tokar of Panasonic – “What It Takes to Lead and Manage an Agile Supply Chain”

Carolina Abenante, Esq. and Dan Spuller – “Blockchain & Crypto Technologies – Disruptors in the new digital economy”

Sherri Sklar, of GrowthTera – “Secrets from a CRO”

Leigh Durst – “Do you Walk, Climb or Fly”

Kelly Owens, Joanna Havlin, and Cristina Prato Bello – “5 Strategies for Women to Amplify Their Career Growth in 2021 with Oracle Data Cloud”

Ainslie Simmonds – “The PIMCO Start Up: How to drive a digital transformation start-up style”


Ellen Keithline Byrne and Karen Kirchner, of Her New Standard – “REBOOT & REWIRE YOUR POWERFUL PRESENCE FOR 2021”

Sanyogita Shamsunder, Verizon – “Tech Up your Career through new innovation and academic opportunities”

Leigh Huther and Kandice Cohen of Trane Technologies – “The Wellness of Buildings- How to bring our workforce back”

Wayne Liu, Perfect Corp – “Tech Up Beauty: How AR and AI creates new innovative opportunities”

Francesca Dalla-Giovanna, Deutsche Bank, and Tiffany Perkins-Munn, BlackRock – “Agile Digital Transformation” A Fireside Chat

Patty Olinger, Executive Director – Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) a Division of ISSA – “Tech Up Smart Buildings – Let’s Clean Start!”

Shannon Platz, SAP with Shelley Simpson, J.B. Hunt Transportation Services, Vicki Laurie, Tenet Healthcare, & Camilla Dahlen, SAP – “Digital Transformation – Creating a Permanent Shift in the way Technology is Used”

Sandra Lopez, Intel and Emily Grigely, eSports Advisor – “Women in Sport Technology”

Abigail Posner, Director, Google’s BrandUnit Creative & Donnetta Campbell, Founder of TheSocialArchitects and TechUpforWomen’s Social Media Architect – “There is no turning back” a social media and branding conversation

Pooja Malpani of Bloomberg, Shweta Patira of Linkedin, Gayatri Iyengar, Uber and Gloria Li of Warner Media – “Of Dollars, Data, and Six Figure Women” The imperfect art of managing money and what no one talks about

Deepti Nayak, Cisco, Kinijl Mathur, Squarespace and Laurie Keith, AdCouncil – Do you miss going to the office? Check out how Technology can help!

Stephanie Latham, Facebook, Kinijl Mathur, Squarespace and Laurie Keith, AdCouncil – How Technology Can Move Communities Forward

Sabina Ewing, Pfizer – Driving Digital in Healthcare during these times

Lynn McMahon, Accenture and Julie Samuels, TECH:NYC – How the Tech Industry Can Help Drive Economic Recovery

Ellen Keithline-Byrne and Karen Kirchner of Her New Standard – Strategies and Stress Relief for Women Leaders during Covid 19

Laura A. Clayton McDonnell, ServiceNow – People-First Design Drives Great Employee Experiences

Jayshree Seth, of 3M – Fostering a Culture of New Innovation


Stephanie Smeriglio Latham, Facebook, and Michelle Crossan-Matos, Samsung Electronics America – “The importance of increasing gender diversity in technology and how to make it happen” A Fireside Chat

Lauren Dillard – Where We Are Headed & The Potential Impact

Alicia Syrett and Randi Zuckerberg – Important Traits To Think Like an Entrepreneur to Build Your Future

Nazanin Delam – Pivot Your Career-By Learning New Technology

Maria Yap – New Digital Imaging Innovation

Sabina Ewing – Pharmaceutical Innovation & Why It Is Important

Rima Alameddine – The Next Big Thing In AI

Dana McGraw – Innovations in the Data Science of Audience Modeling

Deepti Nayak – Enterprise Collaboration – Shaping the Modern Digital Workplace

Tiffany Perkins-Munn & Bernadette Rivosecchi – Fintech Careers & Trends


Sallie Krawcheck – Reach Your Goals through New Technology

Sanyogita Shamsunder – What is 5G and where is it going

Shannon Platz – Driving Digital Transformation

Laura A. Clayton McDonnell – People-First Design Drives Great Employee Experiences

Evy Poumpouras – Learn Influencing Skills to Advance

Elaine Stafford – Under The Sea Exploration – What Is Down Beneath

Stephanie DePalma – 3d Printing – Beyond What Is Possible

Dana Look-Arimoto – Decoding The Confidence Gap

Margaret Niche – Connecting To Global Markets

Alicia Syrett – Demystifying the Angel Network Process

Alicia Syrett – What Should Be In A Pitch Deck


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