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Top 18 New Technology Trends for 2023

Technology today is evolving at a rapid pace, enabling faster change and progress, causing an acceleration of the rate of change. However, it is not only technology trends and emerging technologies that are evolving, a lot more has changed this year due to the outbreak of COVID-19 making IT professionals realize that their role will not stay

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Technology has important effects on business operations. No matter the size of your enterprise, technology has both tangible and intangible benefits that will help you make money and produce the results your customers demand. Technological infrastructure affects the culture, efficiency and relationships of a business. It also affects the security of confidential information and trade

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Smart Buildings: Another Frontier for the Digital Revolution

Take a look around your room. It is likely full of sophisticated digital technology: computers, smartphones, an internet-enabled TV, and even a smart speaker. However, the building itself has not really changed since the introduction of electrical wiring and central heating many decades ago. Smart buildings aim to bring digital technologies into the fabric of the

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The Future of Health™

Innovation is blurring traditional health care boundaries The life sciences and health care industry is on the brink of large-scale disruption. In a future of health that’s defined by radically interoperable data, open yet secure platforms, and consumer-driven care, what role will you play? READ MORE FROM THE ORIGINAL SOURCE HERE

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The Future of Fintech: What Does 2023 Hold for the Ever-Changing Industry

The past year, as the fintech industry is acutely aware, has not been without its challenges. From the continued COVID-19 global pandemic to whispers of a looming recession, and with mass layoffs to follow, the fintech industry has faced incredible uncertainty. Future of Fintech As we look ahead to 2023, we can’t help but anticipate

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New Technologies in Employee Training

Technology is becoming more and more important in every field of work. In healthcare, education, and transport, products like telemedicine, computer-assisted learning, plagiarism software, and self-driving improve individual and institution efficacy; with the results from their application trickling down to other industries and sectors. As one of the key areas in every organization, HR Management is not

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2023 media and entertainment industry outlook

Streaming video, social media, and gaming are helping to enable new business models and reshaping media and entertainment. But the real story for 2023 is that these three sectors are increasingly becoming more interdependent as part of a broader and richer media and entertainment ecosystem. Successful companies will likely develop strong visions that span these

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What Educators Need to Know About Tech Use in Schools

Educators’ and students’ use of educational technology has risen dramatically in recent years, fueled by remote and hybrid learning during the pandemic, technological advances, and the rising tech skills of today’s teachers. And while nearly every educator has at least some experience with technology by now, there’s still a wide range of skills and beliefs

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