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How The Delayed Death Of The Cookie Could Impact Advertisers, Publishers And Consumers

Third-party cookies have become synonymous with the sordid deal driving the past decade of digital business: unfettered and untransparent tracking in exchange for free content.  Google’s recent announcement that it will delay the death of the third-party cookie until 2023 may have delighted some advertisers and publishers who get extra time to prepare for a

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7 Trends That Could Change The Logistics Industry Forever

Recent technological developments and new trends have the potential to redefine the logistics industry. From the popularization of cloud–based systems and integrations to 3D printing technology and improvements in real-time analytics and tracking, the world of logisting is steadily growing and improving.  Read more about the newest logistics technologies and their impact on the industry

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News stories are created by computer programs in automated journalism, also known as algorithmic journalism or robot journalism. Stories are generated automatically by computers rather than by human reporters thanks to AI technologies. These programs analyze, organize, and present data in a form that is understandable to humans.  Automated journalism liberates journalists and gives them

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Top 100 Tech Trends in March

The March 2022 tech trends have brought on innovations in various industries. The boom of the metaverse, for example, has established a new kind of virtual experience that companies have begun subscribing to. Users can interact with others online in the new space through various activities. One noteworthy metaverse experience is the Cryptol Food Hall

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The promise and challenges of cryptocurrency technology for voluntary carbon markets

Cryptocurrency technology can play a significant role in revolutionizing voluntary carbon markets. The voluntary carbon markets (VCM), where companies and individuals trade carbon credits voluntarily, propel investment in carbon neutralization (removal) and compensation (avoidance and reduction) projects (McKinsey, 2021, p.13). The current VCM is complicated due to fragmented carbon standards, liquidity, and choices for corporate

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Indeed US Job Postings Tracker: Data Through February 4

US job postings on on February 4 were 60.4% above February 1, 2020, the pre-pandemic baseline. Stronger job postings growth is happening in work-from-home sectors rather than in-person ones. Job postings on Indeed are a real-time measure of labor market activity. On February 4, 2022, they were 60.4% above February 1, 2020, the pre-pandemic

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A CIO is the person of any organization behind today’s digital transformation initiatives and as well as their approach will decide the future innovations.  But they face continuous challenges to use the latest technologies and keep on inventing new IT innovations to make the entire business process agile. CIOs are carrying the major responsibility of

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Creating Equity in Miami for Women in Tech

“Less than 1% of women make up senior executive roles in the technology industry and I want to change the face of that industry.” – Melissa Medina, President, eMerge Americas Despite women making up over 51% of our population, we continue to be largely underrepresented in the Tech industry’s booming economy. Miami is quickly emerging

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Women Are Still Underrepresented In Tech Leadership: Here’s How To Change That

Female representation in corporate leadership roles has been a widely discussed topic recently. In the last five years, gender representation has improved at every level in the corporate pipeline. Despite this, women still occupy less than a quarter of current C-suite positions. One woman who has proven herself despite this trend is the cofounder and president

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