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13 Emerging Tech Trends Product-Based Businesses Should Focus On

Every company needs to keep an eye on tech developments that can impact their industry. Businesses that produce products in the B2B and B2C spaces can improve efficiency, cut costs and better serve their customers by leveraging the latest technologies. But it’s not just potential improvements to their internal processes such companies need to know

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2 Outside-The-Box Ways to Invest in the Latest Tech Trends

If you're driving down the road and notice those big, ugly cell towers on your route, those are probably owned by one of those two companies. They own and operate these big towers and rent out the space on the top, where companies like AT&T (NYSE:T), Verizon (NYSE:VZ), T-Mobile (NASDAQ:TMUS) will put their communication equipment to build out their networks. The big

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10 things in tech you need to know today

Let's get started. 1. Google faces calls to compensate its underpaid temp workers. After reports that the tech giant illegally underpaid thousands of contract workers, more than 140 Google employees signed a petition calling on the company to properly compensate them — calling it a "massive moral failing." READ MORE FROM THE ORIGINAL SOURCE HERE

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Accenture Reports 5 Key Tech Trends for 2021 Impacting Government

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption and modernization of technologies and digital services in the federal government as agencies realized the need for advanced capabilities to fulfill their mission. These advancements aren’t going away, and could help prepare agencies for the future. READ MORE FROM THE ORIGINAL SOURCE HERE

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Start-Ups Aim Beyond Earth

When Lisa Rich held a call with investors in March to raise money for Aurvandil Acquisition, a company that buys start-ups focused on space technology, her goal was to bring in several million dollars. Ms. Rich, a member of Aurvandil’s board, almost reached her goal within an hour. “That just doesn’t happen,” she said, laughing.

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LinkedIn Provides New Insights into Key Learning and Development Trends

LinkedIn has this week published its fifth Workplace Learning Report, which incorporates responses from over 1,200 learning and development professionals, and nearly 900 learners, to provide some fresh perspective and insight into key learning and upskilling trends, and how businesses should be planning for these developments. READ MORE FROM THE ORIGINAL SOURCE HERE

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Top Technology Trends You Must Follow in 2021

A digital revolution is taking place worldwide, with innovation being accelerated by technological advancements. Everywhere you turn, tech is reshaping industries and communities in ways people could not have imagined a few years ago. This year, there were some groundbreaking innovations. Here are a few that are really noteworthy: READ MORE FROM THE ORIGINAL SOURCE

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5 Major Tech Trends In Cosmetics Industry In 2021

The tremendous development in technology has touched all industries, and cosmetics aren’t an exception. With the growing demands of new products and different application methods, these makeup giants contribute a lot in the field. New developments are happening in the cosmetic and beauty industry each day. If you are a makeup admirer, you are in

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International Tech Up Talks Address Advancing Innovation

IFA Berlin and Tech Up For Women recently hosted a webinar exploring strategies for advancing innovation as part of the International Tech Up Talks series. Moderator Faye Holland of Cofinitive welcomed Samsung Electronics America’s Senior Vice President of Corporate Marketing & Communications, Michelle Crossan-Matos, and Google’s Managing Director of Apps, Imma Calvo to discuss the topic. The conversation touched

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