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Cybersecurity in Power: Technology Trends

Cyberattacks have the potential to damage a country’s power grid, with their major goal being to cause widespread infrastructure failures. So, concerns about cybersecurity continue to be at the top of utilities’ agendas, driven by the rising interconnected nature of infrastructure and systems, and the growing number of attacks targeting utilities. READ MORE FROM THE

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10 biggest tech trends to come—from talking bikes to tile TVs

1. Dinner won’t get burnt. “The oven of the future will basically give you microwave convenience with restaurant quality and ultimate control," said Dave Arnold, inventor and an owner of the Booker and Dax food science development company. You can currently find this tech—“super forced-air convection, steam injection, and very accurate temperature control, all run

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5 Tech Trends In the Pharmaceutical Industry

With consistent advancements in technology, more people are becoming comfortable with the new processes of using technology when it comes to their healthcare. The pharmaceutical industry looks to be accepting new technological advancements with open arms and people all over the world are benefitting. It’s becoming apparent that more people are starting to prefer using

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The Top 10 Digital Transformation Trends Of 2020: A Post Covid-19 Assessment

Around this time last year, I made my annual digital transformation trends predictions. Here we are, a year later, still dealing with a global pandemic that has upended literally every industry. While I am currently working on a new list of digital transformation trends for 2021, I thought we should look back at my 2020

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12 Emerging Tools And Technologies To Help Evolve Business Development

Emerging technology is exciting, especially when it offers untapped potential for a field. Companies that understand this are examining how this technology can work for them. Business development, in particular, should leverage the latest advances in relevant technology and tools to improve sales processes and drive business growth.   READ MORE FROM THE ORIGINAL SOURCE

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Technology Trends that are Emerging Post-Pandemic

Coronavirus pandemic has proven catastrophic and has shaken the world. But this viral infection has given rise to many new innovations as well. People are about to step into a new world that will be different from the world known pre-COVID-19. Here are the technology trends that are emerging post-pandemic. Grab hold of the innovation

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JetBlue Deploys Ultraviolet Cleaning Robot at JFK Airport in Fight Against Coronavirus

JetBlue has become the first airline in the country to use new cutting-edge UV light technology in its cleaning efforts as a means to fight the coronavirus. JFK Airport in New York, along with Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida, have been selected to pilot the new UV system to treat surfaces in JetBlue aircraft

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