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Here’s What Gen Z and Millennials Have to Say About The Current Workscape (With Tips For New Grads)

For many, graduation is just around the corner, which means a new wave of Generation Z is about to enter the workforce. To that end, Indeed conducted a survey of 1,001 18-41 year-olds to understand how attitudes in and towards the workplace differ between millennials and Generation Z. Read on to learn more about differing

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Top 100 Tech Trends in September

This list of technology trends in September 2022 reflects the demand for products that make life easier. As consumers return to everyday life post-pandemic, there is significant attention being cast on innovations that aid the average consumer in their daily lives and make even the easiest tasks much simpler. In particular, the Phillips ‘Hue Tap

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A New Generation of Satellites Is Helping Authorities Track Methane Emissions

Methane was once considered a supporting player in global warming, but a combination of new technology and advanced understanding of the greenhouse gas has brought it into the spotlight. Over the course of just 20 years, methane can have roughly 80 times the warming impact of the same amount of carbon dioxide over the short

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Forbes: The 10 Best Metaverse Quotes Everyone Should Read

It’s fair to say that no one is exactly sure what the metaverse will look like, as the concept is still emerging and evolving. But plenty of people have got their own ideas. Since it became the most hyped technology buzzword, around the time Facebook rebranded itself as Meta, there has been no shortage of

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Dina Katabi Works to Bring Personalized Medicine Home

CONSIDER A 75-YEAR-OLD WE’LL CALL GORDON. One day in late February 2020, he had a myocardial infarction—a heart attack—and was rushed to the hospital. Fortunately, Gordon recovered. But he wasn’t able to get back to his previous level of mobility. What if Gordon had had some warning of what was to come? It turns out

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There Are Too Few Women in Computer Science and Engineering

It’s not that they aren’t interested; it’s the culture of these fields and how they exclude women and girls... Only 20 percent of computer science and 22 percent of engineering undergraduate degrees in the U.S. go to women. Women are missing out on flexible, lucrative and high-status careers. Society is also missing out on the potential contributions they would

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What Dealers Need to Know About the NFT Boom

The NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a relatively young technology that has, in the past year, demonstrated its potential, value, appeal, and staying power.  The size of the NFT market exploded in 2021. The sharp upward trajectory that began last winter reached $10.7 billion in Q3, compared to $28 million in Q3 of 2020, and shows no sign

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Explainable AI Is Trending And Here’s Why

According to the 2022 IBM Institute for Business Value study on AI Ethics in Action, building trustworthy Artificial Intelligence (AI) is perceived as a strategic differentiator and organizations are beginning to implement AI ethics mechanisms. Seventy-five percent of respondents believe that ethics is a source of competitive differentiation. More than 67% of respondents who view

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Tesla Cofounder Is Building A $3.5 Billion Plant To Make EV Battery Parts In The U.S.

Redwood Materials, a battery recycling and materials company started by Tesla cofounder JB Straubel, will spend $3.5 billion through the end of the decade on a plant in Nevada making cathodes and other essential components for electric vehicle batteries. It will be the first such facility in the U.S. and initially have the capacity to

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