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5 Major Tech Trends In Cosmetics Industry In 2021

The tremendous development in technology has touched all industries, and cosmetics aren’t an exception. With the growing demands of new products and different application methods, these makeup giants contribute a lot in the field. New developments are happening in the cosmetic and beauty industry each day. If you are a makeup admirer, you are in

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International Tech Up Talks Address Advancing Innovation

IFA Berlin and Tech Up For Women recently hosted a webinar exploring strategies for advancing innovation as part of the International Tech Up Talks series. Moderator Faye Holland of Cofinitive welcomed Samsung Electronics America’s Senior Vice President of Corporate Marketing & Communications, Michelle Crossan-Matos, and Google’s Managing Director of Apps, Imma Calvo to discuss the topic. The conversation touched

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Tech Up for Women & IFA Berlin Panel: Samsung & Google on Advancing Innovation

IFA Berlin, a leading global trade show for consumer and home electronics, and Tech Up For Women, a group created for the advancement of women in technology, have joined forces to host a live event series. The “International Tech Up Talks” series provides a platform for high-profile female leaders in the tech industry to reflect on their careers,

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Top Tech Conferences For Women In 2021

Women are breaking the glass ceiling in every sector, tech included. Many organizations around the world are championing gender diversity at the workplace. Unlike a decade ago, leadership roles in AI and analytics are not off-limits for women. The number of women-centric conferences and events has also gone up in lockstep with this general trend. Here is the list of the

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White House urges Americans not to hoard gas as hacked pipeline remains shut

The White House urged Americans not to hoard gas Tuesday as the Colonial Pipeline, a major supplier of fuel to the Southeast, remained largely shut down for a fifth day following a ransomware attack by hackers on Friday. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said that the areas most impacted by the pipeline closure — North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee,

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The insurance industry is dynamic, which is why it is still thriving, even in the middle of a global pandemic. Having been struck by the pandemic, insurance premiums have fallen significantly, but they are set to recover in 2021. This year, many of the trends will be driven by technologies to streamline the insurance process

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The biggest tech trends of 2021, according to 3 founders

2020 was a year of rapid adaptation. Companies quickly, at times haphazardly, pivoted as fast as possible to new digital solutions that would keep supply chains functioning, employees and teams connected, and products accessible to customers. In most cases, companies found that this quick switch accelerated their rate of new tech adoption and experimentation. Plans

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Eight Post-Covid Tech Trends Expected To Grow Exponentially

The Fourth Industrial Revolution was supposed to unfold gradually and slowly, yet the pandemic catalyzed it. Businesses that were simply exploring the value of digitalization realized that it would be impossible to move further ignoring the benefits of AI, XR and IoT, among other technologies. Some trends that appeared during Covid will disappear, but I

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Blocked Suez Canal Is Latest Reminder Why Companies Need Crisis Plans

These are tough times for supply chains and business leaders who depend on them. Brexit. The pandemic. Congestion at major ports. Now a 1,300-foot-long container ship is preventing hundreds of other vessels from using the Suez Canal, one of the most important waterways in the world. If corporate officials needed to be reminded about the importance of preparing or updating their crisis management plans in these uncertain

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