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20 Tech Leaders Share The Organizational Innovations They’re Proud Of

“Innovation” is a guiding principle among tech teams, and that doesn’t just apply to the products they create for the marketplace. Experienced tech leaders pride themselves on introducing smart innovations to their organizations’ culture, processes and practices as well. Below, 20 experienced leaders from Forbes Technology Council each discuss the innovation they’ve introduced that they’re most proud

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The organization of the future: Enabled by gen AI, driven by people

“We were behind on automation and digitization, and we finally closed the gap. We don’t want to be left behind again, but we aren’t sure how to think about generative AI.” That’s the sentiment shared by many global executives, given the speed with which generative artificial intelligence (gen AI)1 is advancing in the business world. The technology

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Association to Train Underserved Communities in Emerging Tech

A leading IT association has developed partnerships in multiple cities to provide technology certification training for underserved communities. Earlier this year, ISACA, an association of technology professionals, announced a partnership with the Caterpillar Foundation to provide training and support for job seekers in five cities under a program called the Digital Trust–Workforce Inclusion Program (DT-WIP). And earlier

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How Technology Is Changing Work and Organizations

Given the rapid advances and the increased reliance on technology, the question of how it is changing work and employment is highly salient for scholars of organizational psychology and organizational behavior (OP/OB). This article attempts to interpret the progress, direction, and purpose of current research on the effects of technology on work and organizations. After

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Leading the challenges of implementing new technologies in organizations

Organizations in general and small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular acquire new technology innovation (NTI) to bolster their competitiveness, but they often find that the outcomes of efforts to effectively implement them are disappointing. This raises the question—how organizations can improve the NTI process and particularly how senior leaders influence it. By employing a qualitative methodology—sourcing

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Importance Of Technology Advancement In Business Sector

The evolution in technology has been successful in creating innovation as well as the impactful changes that made things easier for people worldwide. In recent years, people in business have realized the importance of technological advancements because it innovates new tools that efficiently deal with all the complexity and hurdles. Digitization has garnered a lot

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Journalists seek regulations to govern fast-moving artificial intelligence technology

NEW YORK -- Several news organizations, writers and photographers groups are pushing to be involved in creating standards for the use of artificial intelligence, particularly as it concerns intellectual property rights and the potential spread of misinformation. In an open letter sent on Wednesday, they outlined priorities for setting rules on the technology, which is developing faster

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What is digital transformation? A necessary disruption

Digital transformation is a foundational change in how an organization delivers value to its customers. Here is what transformation entails, along with tips to ensure your company is on the correct course. Once a vanguard business strategy, digital transformation has become a perennial objective for business survival. Most CEOs (72%) continue to prioritize digital investments,

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Google is testing an AI tool that can write news articles

Google is testing a tool that uses AI to write news stories and has started pitching it to publications, according to a new report from The New York Times. The tech giant has pitched the AI tool to The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal’s owner, News Corp. The tool, internally codenamed

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Top 10 technology associations driving innovation globally

Technology Magazine looks at 10 of the associations advancing technology, promoting innovation, and addressing the challenges and opportunities From cybersecurity to software development, cloud computing to AI, information technology (IT) associations are today playing a pivotal role in driving innovation, fostering collaboration, and advocating for industry advancement. This week, Technology Magazine looks at 10 of

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