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When technology meets operational excellence

By the end of the 20th century, lean-management techniques had migrated from their birthplace in Japan to remake the operations of manufacturing and process industries across the world. In heavy industries, such as mining, pulp and paper, and oil and gas, today’s leaders can point to decades of operational improvement thanks to lean practices and principles. But a lot

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Infusing Digital Responsibility into Your Organization

In 2018, Rick Smith, founder and CEO of Axon, the Scottsdale, Arizona-based manufacturer of Taser weapons and body cameras, became concerned that advances in technology were creating new and challenging ethical issues. So, he set up an independent AI ethics board made up of ethicists, AI experts, public policy specialists, and representatives of law enforcement

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What Is IT Management and How Does it Help Businesses?

What is IT management? IT (information technology) management is a broad term for how teams or individuals within an organization make information systems function effectively. Think of IT management as the way technology and business operations align to meet business objectives. READ MORE FROM THE ORIGINAL SOURCE HERE

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Is it time to boost your association’s ROI with a technology upgrade?

Is your association planning to upgrade its technology to a modern software solution? If so, you’re among good company. The latest Community Brands Research reports 65% of association professionals and 63% of members agree that professional membership and trade organizations that don’t transform technologically within the next few years won’t survive.   The same study identifies that 50% of association professionals believe their organization isn’t keeping up with the pace of technology and it’s holding them back. However, of the association professionals who said they plan on increasing their IT

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Ethical data usage in an era of digital technology and regulation

Digital surveillance and technology have been brought to the forefront of public discussion during the global coronavirus pandemic. Companies and government entities have volumes of customer data at their fingertips, and the amount is only increasing. In this context, debates are ongoing as to whether it is acceptable for governments to track the location of

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How technology is redrawing the boundaries of the firm

Technology and business are inextricably linked. Entrepreneurs harness technological advances and, with skill and luck, turn them into profitable products. Technology, in turn, changes how firms operate. Electricity enabled the creation of larger, more efficient factories, since these no longer needed to depend on a central source of steam power; email has done away with

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Using Technology to Create a Better Customer Experience

The last few years have been characterized by an overwhelming amount of change for customers and marketplaces. From supply chain shortages to shifts in customer channel preferences, organizations have struggled to catch up and keep pace with customers’ evolving needs and expectations. Such disruptions have also required all types of organizations to engage their target

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The Power of Associations

"A man only learns in two ways, one by reading, and the other by association with smarter people." – Will Rogers What was the last training course you completed? What was the last conference you attended? What professional organizations do you belong to? These are just a few of the questions we ask managers and

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Q&A: Cost is the most significant barrier to digital health adoption

Seventy percent of consumers are likely to use digital health solutions in the future, and at least three in four believe the solutions would help improve their wellbeing, according to a report by the Consumer Technology Association. However, cost is the greatest barrier to adoption, and cost accompanied by a lack of user-friendliness is why consumers stop using

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15 Tech Leaders Share The Challenges They’re Bracing For In 2023

Each year, the ever-evolving world of technology brings with it a unique set of challenges for tech leaders across industries. Throughout 2023, new challenges will emerge, and leaders must be prepared to tackle them head-on. The members of Forbes Technology Council are accustomed to following and preparing for fast-moving business tech trends. Here, 15 of them share

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