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5 Ways Your Trade Association Can Help With Hiring And Retention

Finding and keeping talent has never been more challenging. Quit rates are the highest they’ve ever been, and McKinsey reports that 40% of workers are considering leaving their current job in the next three to six months. Across industries, job roles and education levels, everyone is looking for greener pastures. In turn, many business owners are fearing—or

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Five Tips To Help Small-Business Owners Keep Up With Fast-Paced Tech Innovation

Whether your firm is struggling with CRM, rolling out DEFI payment solutions or exploring new employee engagement software, small- and mid-sized business owners need to stay on top of the latest technology trends in order to stay ahead of the competition, retain talent and meet clients’ expectations. The fast pace of change makes keeping up

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Tech Talent Startup A.Team Raises $55 Million From Investors Like Adam Grant And Jay-Z

A new platform called A. Team has recently been launched in an effort to revolutionize freelance work by matching top-tier talent with relevant projects. The platform vetts and restricts who uses it, making it a trustworthy source for those looking to hire freelance workers. The network contains over 4,000 professionals and the platform’s revenue grew

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Five Remote Work Rituals for Winter

Work rituals have been a stabilizing force for millions of workers who brought their work home in 2020. And at a time of year when many people struggle with fatigue and motivation, it’s worth adjusting those rituals to fit the season, all with an eye toward maintaining your productivity and your physical and mental health. READ MORE FROM

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Think You Know Your Data Privacy? Try This Quiz

From GDPR to the all-important browser cookie, the way that we manage and use data is under the microscope in ways it never was in the past—and it has changed a lot about how associations work. Getting data privacy right requires a basic understanding of a number of concepts. Some of these are technical considerations;

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How to Put Your Good DEI Intentions Into Action

In the past couple of years, more associations—and plenty of corporate brands—have been working toward meaningful diversity, equity, and inclusion goals. It’s been an imperfect process, to be sure. Last month, my colleague Ernie Smith pointed to a recent study from Willow Marketing [PDF] that revealed some of the ongoing challenges: Only 16 percent of respondents rated their association

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Consumer Technology Association’s CES 2022: Beyond the everyday

Consumer Technology Association(CTA) will host its technology conference, CES, on 3-7 January to network, teach and influence attendees from around the world. With over 1,700 brands involved, attendees are encouraged to share technology-related news and ideas. CES covers all industries within the technology sector, from food to media, allowing professionals from different backgrounds to come

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