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Five Tactics That Can Help Entrepreneurs Get Through The COVID-19 Crisis

As the current COVID-19 pandemic runs its course, companies across the world, regardless of their size, are grappling with the economic impact that it is leaving behind. From Fortune 500 companies to early-stage startups, no one can deny the drastic damage this crisis has caused, resulting in both temporary and permanent damage. Indeed, I have

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Four Tips For Weathering An Economic Downturn As A Tech Startup

When I launched my second technology company in early 2007, the future was bright. The economy was soaring. We had an innovative platform that we knew would shake up the legal industry, and initial feedback from clients and prospects was very favorable. Fast forward a few months, and that outlook was turned upside down as

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8 Leadership Lessons with Indeed CEO Chris Hyams

As part of a new series Comparably has in partnership with Entrepreneur, entitled “If I Knew Then: Leadership Lessons,” I have the privilege of hosting virtual fireside chats with high-profile CEOs of major brands, from Waze and Blue Apron to NerdWallet and the Dallas Mavericks. During our one-hour sit-downs, I ask these incredible leaders to share invaluable lessons that they learned on their path to success,

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12 Leadership Lessons with NerdWallet CEO Tim Chen

For many years, I had the privilege of interviewing tech founders and CEOs on stage before an audience of entrepreneurs and investors as part of my Startups Uncensored monthly event in Southern California. During the quarantine, I revived the fireside chat series for a virtual audience with the C-suite leaders of companies including Mattel, Zoom Video and Chipotle, and I recently partnered with

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Give Your Branding a Boost with Access to 1.5 Million Icons for Less Than $50

You can have the best prices on the market or make the finest product, but in a world in which people spend less than 20 seconds on a web page, it's impossible to overstate the value of great branding. Branding is everything for small businesses and you can't produce great branding without great design assets. Whether you want to

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Implementing This One Simple Strategy Every Day Can Help you Overcome the Unsettling Emotions

Time and time again, we've heard reference to the importance of caring for ourselves before we're able to care for others. There has never been a more crucial time than now to take that message to heart. READ MORE FROM THE ORIGINAL SOURCE HERE

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This Clever App Aims to Make Your Business Successful on Instagram

Becoming "Insta famous" may look like it doesn't take too much work but you'd be sorely mistaken for thinking that. Getting to the top of the social media food chain requires pushing out content nearly 24/7, especially if you're a business trying to stand out in an already supersaturated market. You don't have the benefit of finding

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Top 3 Must-Haves in Your Post-Pandemic Playbook

We have seen unprecedented change unfold right before our eyes over the last several months. Our ideas of a world shaped by certainty have been shaken, and notions of stable business, streamlined operations and competitive pricing models have been shattered. Amidst the chaos is an incredible opportunity, an opportunity to reflect upon what the world needs and what

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To Deal With High-Level Pressure, High-Tech Entrepreneurs Need Less Doing And More Being

Once upon a time, getting into a rock band was every kid's dream, but today's dream is making it big in a tech startup. However, dreams sometimes turn into nightmares, and for tech startup entrepreneurs, those nightmares can entail depression, mental health issues or even suicide. In fact, studies show that entrepreneurs are more prone

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