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Preventive Assessments Are Crucial for Smart School Data Security

Most IT leaders are all too aware of the troubling rise in ransomware and other cyberattacks on K–12 districts. Remote and hybrid learning during the pandemic made schools more vulnerable as classes moved online, and the reliance on digital devices and remote networks for education continues to grow. READ MORE FROM THE ORIGINAL SOURCE HERE

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The new era of education is high-tech and high-touch

We’ve heard a lot about the role of technology in pandemic education, and for good reason: Digital solutions enabled school communities to maintain learning through uncertainty and interruption none of us could have imagined. However, the triumphs of edtech have been paired with critical challenges. Since the pandemic closed schools in March 2020, school districts

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5 Practices of Truly Tech-Savvy Teachers

The pandemic has been referred to as the biggest educational experiment in history. And it’s not over yet. But already, emerging evidence strongly suggests that teachers and other K-12 educators will continue using technology well after the pandemic recedes. An EdWeek Research Center survey of more than 1,000 of the nation’s district leaders, school leaders, and teachers

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Pandemic Fuels Tech Advances in Schools. Here’s What That Looks Like

By Mark Breen’s calculation, the pandemic has propelled his school district three to five years into the future. Breen is the chief technology officer for the 14,000-student Vail School District near Tuscon, Ariz. The question now facing him and his colleague Kelly Pinkerton—who, as the director of assessment and innovative learning at Vail schools, runs the district’s

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Remote Learning and School Reopenings: What Worked and What Didn’t

When schools closed their doors in March 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a scramble to adjust to remote learning. Classes went online,1 school meal distribution became grab-and-go,2 and extracurricular activities and services were paused.3 Over the summer and into the fall, the debate over reopening took center stage, as school leaders struggled to

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LinkedIn Provides New Insights into Key Learning and Development Trends

LinkedIn has this week published its fifth Workplace Learning Report, which incorporates responses from over 1,200 learning and development professionals, and nearly 900 learners, to provide some fresh perspective and insight into key learning and upskilling trends, and how businesses should be planning for these developments. READ MORE FROM THE ORIGINAL SOURCE HERE

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During the past year, teachers have pushed their technology skills to the next level, improving their understanding of how to use learning management systems effectively; integrating digital curricula, online assessments, and interactive games into learning; and upgrading their skills for using modern communication tools such as Zoom. This new technological landscape in K-12 raises serious

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3 Tech Trends Shaping the Future of Post-Pandemic Teaching and Learning

What's in store for higher education's post-pandemic future? The latest Educause Horizon Report has identified the trends, technologies and practices shaping teaching and learning in the wake of COVID-19. The potential lasting effects of the pandemic "loomed large" in the trend selection this year, the report stated, emphasizing that although it remains to be seen

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How Teachers and Curriculum Will Shape Ed Tech’s Future: A CEO Makes the Case

The pandemic forced dozens of educational technologies upon educators, often intensifying the logistical headaches and personal heartaches of remote learning. Teachers remain acutely aware of what is not working, yet I have not met one who plans to abandon all tech post-pandemic. Teachers today often discuss which tools have earned an enduring place in their

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