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2022 Trends in Education Technology

The unexpected shift to remote learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic has forced educators of all kinds to rethink their approach. No longer optional supplements to a teacher’s curriculum, education technology tools have become central components of the learning experience. The 2020-2021 school year saw a 90% increase in students and teachers using EdTech products, with an

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15 Low-Cost, High-Impact Ways To Improve Educational Outcomes Through Technology

With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic came the need to quickly find ways to leverage technology so students could learn from home. While most students, parents and teachers don’t want to continue with remote learning any longer than absolutely necessary, technology can still play a big role in increasing student engagement, lessening teachers’ burdens

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American businesses need to invest in tech education

Computer and mathematical occupations are expected to see fast employment growth “as strong demand is expected for IT security and software development, in part due to increased prevalence of telework spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic,” according to a recent report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Meanwhile, the landmark $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill includes $65 billion

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Cloud Technology Continues to Trend in K–12

Software as a Service permeated classrooms before the pandemic, but the popularity of the technology exploded with the shift to remote learning. In the wake of SaaS solutions, K–12 districts are finding that Infrastructure as a Service can bring the same flexibility, ease of use and cost-effectiveness to data centers. READ MORE FROM THE ORIGINAL

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With the growing accessibility of online training and learning resources, the need for a formal tech education may seem unnecessary. After all, today’s young people are exposed to smart televisions, tablets, and the internet in general from a young age. This level of connectivity is nothing new – it’s something they were born into and grew up with.

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Preventive Assessments Are Crucial for Smart School Data Security

Most IT leaders are all too aware of the troubling rise in ransomware and other cyberattacks on K–12 districts. Remote and hybrid learning during the pandemic made schools more vulnerable as classes moved online, and the reliance on digital devices and remote networks for education continues to grow. READ MORE FROM THE ORIGINAL SOURCE HERE

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The new era of education is high-tech and high-touch

We’ve heard a lot about the role of technology in pandemic education, and for good reason: Digital solutions enabled school communities to maintain learning through uncertainty and interruption none of us could have imagined. However, the triumphs of edtech have been paired with critical challenges. Since the pandemic closed schools in March 2020, school districts

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5 Practices of Truly Tech-Savvy Teachers

The pandemic has been referred to as the biggest educational experiment in history. And it’s not over yet. But already, emerging evidence strongly suggests that teachers and other K-12 educators will continue using technology well after the pandemic recedes. An EdWeek Research Center survey of more than 1,000 of the nation’s district leaders, school leaders, and teachers

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Pandemic Fuels Tech Advances in Schools. Here’s What That Looks Like

By Mark Breen’s calculation, the pandemic has propelled his school district three to five years into the future. Breen is the chief technology officer for the 14,000-student Vail School District near Tuscon, Ariz. The question now facing him and his colleague Kelly Pinkerton—who, as the director of assessment and innovative learning at Vail schools, runs the district’s

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