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‘It was a nightmare today’: Rocky start as NYC remote learning ramps up, bringing new schedules and tech challenges

Remote learning was a go for city school students Monday — even it seemed not quite ready, or set. After three days of online orientation to learn the ropes last week, kids began remote learning full-time Monday — bringing new schedules and tech glitches for some anxious city families. READ MORE FROM THE ORIGINAL SOURCE

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Six tech tips for remote learning: Protect your kids’ data and make sure they look good on Zoom

For most parents right now, tinkering with computer settings and reading endless privacy policies are not a priority. Heck, they weren’t even particularly appealing tasks before the pandemic and overlapping economic and natural disasters. But with millions of kids firing up loaner Chromebooks and iPads for the start of their remote school year, it’s important

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The best tech for students – from laptops to note-taking tools

It’s that time of year again when students are gearing up to go to university. But this time, it’s under very different circumstances – which makes having the right equipment even more important. From laptops and phones to headphones and note-taking tools, here’s a guide to some of the tech that might help improve your

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Ask These 3 Questions Before Selecting Tech for Online Learning

Online and blended learning have long been recognized as innovative ways to teach K–12 students. With the current pandemic, they quickly became the new norm in education. Covid-19 upended the traditional model of teaching in brick-and-mortar schools, pushing educators to explore other avenues of delivering meaningful learning experiences to students. According to a recent Microsoft survey of

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The education technology students will need — and won’t — after coronavirus

You’ve probably heard it over and over by now: The coronavirus crisis offers an opportunity to “reimagine education.” It’s become a mantra in education and business circles. For now, let’s ignore the fact that schools are having a hard enough time delivering education that has yet to be reconceived with the pandemic raging in many

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Many College Classes Will Be Online This Fall. These Education-Technology Stocks Are Making the Grade.

In March, when colleges and universities shut their campuses due to the coronavirus outbreak, many students, faculty, and administrators expected to return to campus in the fall. Now, with the new semester looming, extensive in-person classes are becoming less likely, as schools pivot to online or hybrid instruction (allowing some students on campus but holding

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These millennials are reinventing the multibillion-dollar education industry during coronavirus

In a new series, CNBC Make It speaks to young entrepreneurs who are pivoting their businesses, or starting anew, to address some of the challenges raised by the coronavirus pandemic. READ MORE FROM THE ORIGINAL SOURCE HERE

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Online learning can’t replace classrooms. Microsoft Teams wants to change that

The school year in the United States came to a close recently, and it was anything but ordinary. For most school districts, it was a dash to quickly get up and running with the right technology to support online learning. Meanwhile, at home, millions of students had to deal with the personal challenges that come

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