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Comprehensive Response to the Worldwide Coronavirus Outbreak

As a global company serving 4.5 million educators and 45 million students in 140 countries and territories around the world, Discovery Education has been monitoring the recent Coronavirus outbreak closely. Like educators everywhere, we are concerned about the Coronavirus’ potential impact on student learning in the unfortunate event schools or school systems are closed for

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Education Organizations Expect to Take Economic Hit From COVID-19. But Ed Tech May Catch a Break

Education organizations worldwide expect to take a big financial hit — especially in the short term — as the coronavirus creates havoc with schools and society, a new survey reveals. The results paint a grim picture — though there are hints that technology-based firms see themselves as being relatively insulated from the economic blast caused by the

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7 higher education trends to watch in 2020

College consolidation, partnerships with employers and the effects of deregulation are among the topics we'll have our eye on this year. Higher education made a striking number of headlines in 2019, in part due to the Varsity Blues scandal that exposed the seedier aspects of college admissions and attracted nationwide attention for its celebrity perpetrators.

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10 Ways Edtech Advances Are Shaking Up Education

Education technology or edtech offers unique opportunities for student development. The roots of edtech in whiteboards, projectors and tablets have given rise to popular learning platforms. Now, students can access on-demand courses, and learn whatever they want thanks to technological advances in the field. Companies can provide classes to their workers the same way, allowing

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Top 10 Technology Trends That You Can Learn in 2020

Technology is evolving all the time. What exciting developments in the coming years can we expect to see? Looking at future Technics and imagining the possibilities makes this technology age more exciting. The future is always fascinating and there is no question that the basic idea of digital transformation will be a reality with innovation

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NAM (National Arbitration and Mediation) is proud to announce that it is the Continuing Legal Education (CLE) sponsor for the second annual 2018 Tech Up For Women Conference

WHAT IS TECH UP FOR WOMEN? Tech Up is a one-day event for the advancement of women in technology through education, resourcing and networking. With an agenda designed to empower women and disrupt the gender imbalance in work environments, the event will provide attendees with resources, insights, and training and education on the latest technological advances, cyber security and

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NAM (National Arbitration and Mediation) is a New York State CLE Accredited Provider. As a proud sponsor of Tech Up for Women Conference, NAM will provide CLE credit to attorneys who attend sessions that qualify for CLE credit. Technology competence is now a requirement for all lawyers and an ethical issue. In 2012 the ABA House of

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