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New tech aimed at improving public health and accessibility

In the era of smart cities, taking on public health and the accessibility of healthcare is a different game. Now, advanced technologies stand to play roles in implementing greater solutions. But as a pandemic ravages public health across the world, how can technology make a real and measurable difference? It all comes down to the tools

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Best mental health apps: 16 to help protect your mental wellbeing

It’s no news that the coronavirus pandemic has taken its toll on the nation’s mental health. Charity Mind UK have called the last year a ‘mental health emergency’, with worrying stats indicating that more than half of adults (60%) report their mental health has deteriorated. New figures from Lime show that many women now value mental health more than

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Building a technology infrastructure for the future

As an IT executive responsible for technology infrastructure, one of the things that always kept me up at night was the chance that the business would scale so quickly that the existing infrastructure would not keep the pace of evolving technologies. My mind would race thinking that this could result in lost revenue opportunities, failure

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The Power of Mobile Apps for Day-To-Day Health

Mobile apps are intertwined with our daily lives because they help us learn a different language, stay in touch with our friends, and there are even apps to help us keep track of our fitness and health-related goals. So, it's safe to say that there are apps for everything today, from mobile gaming to lifestyle

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Microsoft has big plans for healthcare, and it’s taking a different path to the rest of big tech

Healthcare seems to be top of the to-do lists of CEOs of tech's biggest companies: Amazon is launching its own healthcare business, Apple's turning the iPhone into a patient engagement and diagnostics tool, while Google's parent company Alphabet is betting heavily on healthcare through its investment arm, AI and analytics. And the other big tech giant isn't getting left behind

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What data and technologies are needed to propel telehealth quality?

Virtual care aligns with strategic imperatives to improve health outcomes, enhance patient safety, and optimize the patient experience for populations with medical complexity and high healthcare needs. As a result, it will pay off if healthcare can continue the expansion of telehealth started by the COVID-19 pandemic. One driver of successful expansion of virtual care

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Workforce wellness has become the most desired office perk during the pandemic

Remember when the answer to “What’s it like to work for your company?” was a laundry list of cool office perks? “Oh, it’s so great! We have Ping-Pong tables, rooftop lounges and free lunches.” Looking back, those pre-pandemic conversations seem almost comical today. These types of enticing office perks were everywhere in the BC (before-COVID)

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How Health Care In The U.S. May Change After COVID: An Optimist’s Outlook

With more than one-third of U.S. adults now fully vaccinated against COVID-19, there's growing optimism on many fronts. A majority of states have either lifted health-related restrictions or have announced target dates for doing so. Already, many clinicians and health policy experts are thinking about what the post-pandemic world will look like. COVID-19 demonstrated that even in a behemoth

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Tech Giants Help Lead Next Generation of Health Tech

The pace of medicine and communications is advancing so fast that soon a daughter will receive an alert when her mother's behavior shows hints of future Alzheimer's disease. A smartphone will be able to anaylze a person's data on blood pressure, sleep patterns, and oxygen levels and send information to a designated doctor when a pattern of

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