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Next Up Podcast: What to expect with telehealth and healthcare technology in the next 4 years – Transcript

Today, we’ll be discussing the future of the healthcare space over the next 4 years and how the transition to the Biden/Harris administration may shape these expectations. Healthcare organizations are becoming increasingly focused on innovative technology solutions like telehealth, enhanced electronic health records, and partnerships with technology companies. READ MORE FROM THE ORIGINAL SOURCE HERE

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The devices, software and health tech headlines of CES 2021

There was a time when CES' annual takeover of Las Vegas was about as reliable as the passing of seasons, but the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed this year's event into the first all-digital show of the trade convention's decades-long history. In lieu of crowded conference halls, on-stage keynotes and late-night parties, attendees are logging on to

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7 Predictions for how Technology will shape healthcare in 2021

From the COVID-19 vaccine to advances in machine learning, AI, improved W-Fi and 5G, and telemedicine, experts expect a move to "patient-centric" health next year. COVID-19 accomplished what entrepreneurs, doctors, and activists couldn't: Designing a healthcare system that works for patients instead of providers and health insurance companies. The industry promised to be "patient-centered" for

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4 Strategies to Make Telehealth Work for Elderly Patients

The Covid-19 pandemic catapulted telehealth into the mainstream and it is likely to remain there even after the pandemic subsides. It’s proved highly effective for younger, digitally savvy patients. But older patients, and particularly the frail elderly, often struggle with the technology. How can primary care providers help these patients adopt telehealth? And when are

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Telehealth Is Working for Patients. But What About Doctors?

It has become almost cliché by now to note how Covid-19 has accelerated digital transformation in healthcare, with the number of Americans trying virtual care roughly doubling since the start of the pandemic. Although the pendulum has swung back in recent months – with in-person outpatient visits returning to pre-pandemic levels and some insurers pulling

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The Healthcare Technology Report Names EarlySense’s Dalia Argaman As One of The Top 25 Women Leaders in Biotechnology of 2020

WOBURN, Mass., Nov. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- EarlySense, the global leader in contact-free, continuous monitoring solutions for the healthcare continuum, announced today that its VP of Clinical, Regulatory Affairs and QA Compliance, Dalia Argaman, was named as one of The Top 25 Women Leaders in Biotechnology of 2020 by The Healthcare Technology Report. READ MORE FROM

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TriHealth switches to Zoom for pandemic, sees 3,650% increase in telehealth use

Without the new telemedicine platform, linked to its Epic EHR and language translation service, the health system would not have been able to meet patient needs. TriHealth, a health system based in Cincinnati, Ohio, had an access problem regarding patients who desired a first contact medical option that did not require a visit to a

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GE Healthcare unveiled its new doctor-facing suite of computing tools

GE's newest product, dubbed Edison HealthLink, uses edge computing technology to offer providers the means to efficiently collect, analyze, and apply health data in clinical decision-making. The technology uses edge computing to process data from remote sources in real-time (e.g. connected medical devices) to enable quick access to actionable health data. READ MORE FROM THE ORIGINAL

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