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This new piece of MIT technology uses sugar from the human body to create power

Researchers at MIT and the Technical University of Munich have developed a glucose fuel cell, which can power miniature implants inside the human body such as pacemakers. The fuel cells can withstand extreme temperatures and are only 400 nanometers thick. Original models of the fuel cell were made up of polymers. However, polymers are unable to

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mRNA Unlocked: How Technology Convergence Is Driving the Next Wave

The incredible success of the two mRNA vaccines against COVID-19 sparked a surge of interest and investment in this new therapeutic modality. And because mRNA is infinitely programmable, scientists are now working on deploying it towards fighting many other diseases. Our customers have already embarked on this second wave, developing mRNA drugs to treat bacterial

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How Healthcare Organizations Can Centralize Their Care Delivery

The timing couldn’t have been better. In June 2019, ahead of the COVID-19 pandemic, Virginia Mason Franciscan Health unveiled its new Mission Control Command Center. The solution aimed to use data to improve practices across the Washington state healthcare system, including patient transfers, bed turnaround time, staffing and utilization of equipment. READ MORE FROM THE ORIGINAL SOURCE

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A new health care AI coalition & Google lands a big client

During the pandemic, the FDA eased limitations on telehealth prescriptions and mail delivery for certain drugs — including abortion pills, which can be used safely and effectively in the first 10 weeks of pregnancy. In December, the FDA made that access permanent — but so far, telehealth startups aren’t jumping to provide the pills. Companies including Hims &

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Top health tech trends to predict in 2022

The Indian healthcare industry is at the cusp of a major digital transformation. While Covid-19 laid bare the inadequacies and pitfalls in our healthcare system, technology is enabling the sector to leapfrog the gaps in our existing medical care and infrastructure. The 2021 Future of Healthcare Report by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS)

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3 Health Tech Trends to Watch in 2022

Recent challenges have pushed healthcare organizations to embrace guiding principles that have proved their value in new ways. The need to maintain agility in operations and technology; the importance of collaboration within and between organizations; and the role of solutions that increase visibility and ease day-to-day workloads all have become essential to healthcare providers and IT

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Improving Physical Security for Healthcare Systems

A Missouri hospital is implementing panic buttons for nurses and other staff after a sharp increase in attacks by patients over the past year. Over the summer, an upstate New York healthcare system announced the deployment of security alert buttons for its workers. One healthcare system CEO even penned an open letter to his community addressing the rising violence against healthcare

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New tech aimed at improving public health and accessibility

In the era of smart cities, taking on public health and the accessibility of healthcare is a different game. Now, advanced technologies stand to play roles in implementing greater solutions. But as a pandemic ravages public health across the world, how can technology make a real and measurable difference? It all comes down to the tools

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Best mental health apps: 16 to help protect your mental wellbeing

It’s no news that the coronavirus pandemic has taken its toll on the nation’s mental health. Charity Mind UK have called the last year a ‘mental health emergency’, with worrying stats indicating that more than half of adults (60%) report their mental health has deteriorated. New figures from Lime show that many women now value mental health more than

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