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Microsoft makes big play for healthcare cloud business in competition with Google, Amazon

Microsoft's new cloud service designed specifically for healthcare will be generally available October 30, the tech giant anounced Tuesday. The Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare service bring together existing services such as Teams, Azure IoT and chatbots to help healthcare organizations manage operations. Microsoft, Google and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are all pushing deeper into healthcare in a battle to provide

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Remote monitoring is rapidly growing — and a new class of patient-consumer is driving the shift

A cardiac patient in Carlsbad sends their doctor in San Francisco a readout of their heart rate, courtesy of an Apple Watch. A New Yorker with hypertension texts with an Alabama health coach about data from their smart blood pressure cuffs. A person with diabetes snaps a photo of their dinner and uses an app

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SYSTEMIC project aims to find solutions for a sustainable healthy food system

SYSTEMIC is the name of the ambitious project, that will unite researchers and practitioners from different disciplines and different parts of the food system. The project participants will develop knowledge about cross-cutting solutions and identify knowledge gaps.   READ MORE FROM THE ORIGINAL SOURCE HERE

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This young entrepreneur skipped college to create robotic limbs that users can control with their minds

Ten years ago, Easton LaChappelle was a teen watching YouTube videos in his Colorado bedroom on how to build robot arms from LEGOs. Today, he's the founder of Unlimited Tomorrow, a company that designs low-cost, 3D printed prosthetic limbs that can be operated with the mind. READ MORE FROM THE ORIGINAL SOURCE HERE

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Study evaluates immersive virtual reality as a sleep aid for teens

While teens are encouraged to turn off electronics before bedtime, a new study suggests that visiting a virtual environment may benefit their sleep health. Researchers evaluated the efficacy of a novel intervention based on virtual reality and slow breathing to promote bedtime relaxation and sleep in high school students. READ MORE FROM THE ORIGINAL SOURCE

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Eye-tracking tech helps aged-care assessment

Researchers from Flinders University have used eye‑tracking technology on older Australians to investigate their cognitive ability to assess their quality of life preferences in aged care. This information, the researchers claim, will help to guide health and aged care policy and practice in determining where resources should be targeted to maximise quality of life benefits

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Johnson & Johnson sees promising COVID-19 vaccine results after testing on monkeys

The pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson took a step forward with its COVID-19 vaccine candidate Thursday, releasing promising data after testing on monkeys and at the same time announcing the start of clinical testing on humans. READ MORE FROM THE ORIGINAL SOURCE HERE

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How Businesses Requiring Masks Protects Workers and You from COVID-19

In the past week, a growing number of businesses — including such names as Walmart, Best Buy, and Starbucks — have begun to require their customers to wear masks. The movement comes in response to a call from the National Retail Federation (NRF) urging businesses to set a nationwide mask policy. READ MORE FROM THE

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How Clinical Mobility Improves Nursing Efficiency and Care Delivery

Even before COVID-19, healthcare systems faced an array of pressures on their resources: a growing number of older patients, an unprecedented nursing shortage and ever-rising costs of care. These and other constraints have only intensified during the pandemic. Organizations must now also meet higher expectations for safety, efficiency and collaboration. Increasingly, they’re achieving those goals

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