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Smart Building Technologies Are Enabling a Safer Return to Work

Smart facilities that utilize building automation systems and IoT technologies are nothing new, but they’re about to become a lot more popular. In fact, the global smart building market is projected to grow from $67.60 billion in 2021 to $265.37 billion in 2028 at a compound annual growth rate of 21.6%, according to a Fortune

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What is a smart building, and what does a smart building do?

It seems like that everything in today’s day & age is getting the word “smart” added to its name. Most of these smart things are just marketing gimmicks without any real-world benefits. So, are smart buildings the same? No. Quite the opposite, actually. A Smart Building is the biggest innovation to human-carrying structures ever since

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Smart buildings are key to accelerating grid edge development

The trends of digitization and decarbonization within the global energy supply have made the grid edge the framework of future energy systems. The so-called grid edge is a combination of smart grids, smart buildings, and energy producers and consumers (prosumer) through cyber-physical integration. It is a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly energy system framework. READ MORE

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The smartest university campus in the world?

The University of Birmingham, in partnership with Siemens, is combining digital sensor and analytics technologies, artificial intelligence, decentralized energy generation and storage, renewable energy and concepts that help change users’ behaviour to transform the university’s Edgbaston and Dubai campuses into the world’s smartest global campus, creating a ‘Living Lab’ where research, teaching and learning all

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How the Industrial IoT Is Making the Workplace More Productive

While there has been much discussion about the extent to which COVID-19 is changing the workplace, one of the few things that appears to be true is the fact that many industries have been forced to embrace a work-from-home model across much of the organization. Even still, in some departments and for some roles, work

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Can Smart Buildings Outsmart Hackers?

How vulnerable are your facility systems to cyberattacks? Can bad actors hack into your building automation systems (BAS) and then gain access to sensitive information technology (IT) data? As building system technology continues to emerge and mature, facility managers, operators, and occupants are becoming increasingly reliant on the internet of things (IoT) and related technologies

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Smart Building Automation Software and Systems Market Continues to Leap through 2027

A recent report shows that smart building automation software and systems will reach $20.5 billion in North America by 2027. As urbanization leads to increasingly smarter cities, buildings are an integral part of a city’s ecosystem. Intelligent buildings lead to improved economic outcomes for both owners and users as well as improved satisfaction, safety, and

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7 Steps for Protecting Smart Home Tech from Hackers

The smart home tech market is booming. Experts predict there will be 482.8 million smart homes worldwide by 2025. This ever-increasing number of IoT devices is good news for those in the industry, but it also raises some cybersecurity concerns. More connected devices on a network mean more possible entry points for a hacker. Smart home cybersecurity

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