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Green Technologies For A Sustainable Future

If there's one topic that has been present over the last couple of decades, it’s sustainability. People are trying to act sustainably in the way they live, paying attention to recycling, consuming less plastic, using bikes and public transport instead of cars, and buying local goods. Companies have also acknowledged that this is something they

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Overcoming tech obsolescence in smart buildings

Overcoming technology obsolescence means we have to take building infrastructure seriously – and treat it as the true backbone of modern intelligent buildings – not as an add-on The importance of technology infrastructure to today’s buildings, never mind the smart buildings of tomorrow, cannot be overstated. Connectivity, Internet of Things (IoT) services and the data

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Beyond Smart Cities: How Drones And Robotics Revolutionize Building Inspections

Underneath the gleaming surface of modern megacities is an archaic patchwork of antiquated building inspection processes long overdue for a 21st Century makeover. Meet H3 Dynamics, a cloud-based inspection services platform that’s using drones and ground robots as the eyes and ears of engineers currently grounded by the pandemic, and long hampered by last century

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Smart Buildings Facing The New Normal

With workplaces and life somewhat returning to normal, we are now faced with a new array of workplace complexities. Touching door handles, sitting in meeting rooms, and turning on lights are a few of the multiple crossovers between workers in the office setting. The new normal brings improved and efficient buildings that will impact employee

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Lighten your energy load with smart building technologies

October 26, 2020 – Is your client’s business using everything in its power (pun intended) to stay competitive? Optimizing their energy efficiency doesn’t just reduce overall energy costs—it can also help them edge out the competition and improve their bottom line. But how do you ensure that you’re being efficient in a market that’s always

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How Smart Technology Can Help Create Healthy School Buildings

From UV germicidal irradiation to video analytics, these technologies are helping schools make learning spaces safe. As districts start phasing students back into the classroom after months of online learning, they’re under growing pressure to ensure school buildings and other learning spaces are clean and safe to use. Experts say that will require delivering cleaner

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How a COVID-19 Free Smart Building Can Transform Sustainably Beyond the Pandemic

With COVID-19, the primary focus of smart building innovations and transformations has been infection containment and social distancing. It has made empty spaces necessary with the inclusion of alternate seats and expanded waiting lines. Work hours have also become more staggered, requiring heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to run for longer hours. READ

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The pandemic is accelerating smart city tech

COVID-19 is poised to bring the same widespread change as other pandemics have by accelerating the global adoption of emerging tech. It's incredibly difficult to look for a silver lining in the midst of a pandemic when all you can see is the carnage it's caused in its wake. Millions of people have lost their lives.

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The best smart home devices for those on a budget

The beginnings of a smart home are becoming increasingly common in households nationwide, starting with the smart speakers. The idea is simple – with even affordable smart home devices, you can control your home using your voice, your phone, or without having to do anything at all. That makes your home more customizable, more automatic,

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