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The best smart home devices for those on a budget

The beginnings of a smart home are becoming increasingly common in households nationwide, starting with the smart speakers. The idea is simple – with even affordable smart home devices, you can control your home using your voice, your phone, or without having to do anything at all. That makes your home more customizable, more automatic,

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Smart building technology to shape post-pandemic school environments

For decades, schools and universities have been under immense pressure to achieve a range of high-stakes outcomes – from elevated student performance to safety amid threats of violence. Add the need to maintain clean, virus-free spaces to that list and it is easy to see that human leaders could use an assist from their technological

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From smart building to learning building; establish your use case and business case!

Organisations, and more specifically their Facility and Real Estate Managers, are constantly looking to improve our work environment and the buildings we work in. At the same time, they want to be cost efficient, increase productivity, and – very important these days – create a healthy and attractive workplace for their employees. READ MORE FROM

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Smart Buildings get hyperaware

Converging technologies of IoT and building automation are creating smart spaces that make workplaces safer, healthier and happier. Where IoT sensors can be considered as the eyes and ears of a smart building, it is recently been possible to join building data with context. The result is a “hyperaware” smart building - an instrumented structure

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The power of partnership for smart building technologies

With the rise of smart building technology, many departments are again working in silos and implementing one-off IoT initiatives to solve a single issue, instead of looking at the bigger picture. This blog post explains how an agnostic approach to smart building technologies and integration helps to build a future-proof, scalable FM and RE landscape.

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Occupancy Analytics is Becoming an Essential Building System in the Post-COVID Era

The major trend in buildings over the last decade has been a shift towards occupant-centric workplaces. Smart environments epitomized by networks of sensors gathering data on how people use spaces, which then feeds analytical engines to create actionable intelligence on how to improve building and occupant performance. However, 2020 is a brand new decade in more

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ADT and Google Partner To Create Leading Smart Home Security Offering

BOCA RATON, Fla., Aug. 03, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ADT (NYSE: ADT), a leading provider of security and smart home solutions, and Google today announced they are entering into a long-term partnership to create the next generation of smart home security offerings. The partnership will combine Nest’s award-winning hardware and services, powered by Google’s machine learning

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