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Benefits of adopting smart building technologies in building construction of developing countries: review of literature

Smart building technology has received a broad audience due to digitalisation and benefits in the construction industry. With global interest, the construction of smart buildings has become a new trend in development. Many studies identified a significant interest in the smart building technology application more than in conventional buildings. However, in developing countries, construction professionals

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Smart Buildings: Another Frontier for the Digital Revolution

Take a look around your room. It is likely full of sophisticated digital technology: computers, smartphones, an internet-enabled TV, and even a smart speaker. However, the building itself has not really changed since the introduction of electrical wiring and central heating many decades ago. Smart buildings aim to bring digital technologies into the fabric of the

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2023 Trends in Smart Building, Smart Equipment, and IoT

What does the future hold for smart buildings, smart equipment, and IoT? We asked some of our team to comment on trends they see in the New Year. Here are their predictions.  Edge and cloud used more intelligently.  Consumer expectations always affect our industry. In our personal lives, we have become accustomed to connecting smart

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Energy Efficiency of Buildings – The Pressure Is On!

The value of properties is largely impacted by the energy efficiency of the buildings. With the help of IoT, energy optimization is becoming one of the most efficient ways to reduce energy use, and as a result, increase property value and cut CO2 emissions. The world around us is getting smarter and smarter. We see

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Johnson Controls Aims to Better Secure Smart Buildings

Johnson Controls has acquired Tempered Networks as part of an effort to better secure its OpenBlue platform for collecting smart building and facilities data. At the same time, Johnson Controls has allied with Accenture to construct two OpenBlue Innovation Centers in Bangalore and Hyderabad, India. Vijay Sankaran, vice president and CTO for Johnson Controls, said the addition will enable

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Smart buildings on the frontline in the battle against climate change

For those of us in the energy industry, it is often easy to get side-tracked with the pressing necessity of contributing towards accelerating net-zero. The energy crisis following Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, gas and oil price cap shifts and the looming thought of the speed at which 2030 is racing towards us often tend to

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5 best practices for making smart-building LANs more secure

Power, they say, corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. While that was said about politics, it sure seems like it was tailor-made for smart buildings. Facility-control technology is exploding because the concept is useful and often saves money. Unfortunately, smart devices have also proven to be an on-ramp for major intrusions. Smart buildings are surely

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Swipe Right When You See a Conference Room You Like

Employees returning to the office in the midst of the pandemic are bound to arrive with a new set of questions: What health precautions have been put in place? How crowded is the cafeteria? Which meeting rooms are available? How do visitors gain entry to the building? To ease their adjustment, a growing number of

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Smart Cities Market Size, Share, Trends and Forecast 2021-26

According to IMARC Group’s latest report, titled “Smart Cities Market: Global Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity and Forecast 2021-2026”, the global smart cities market exhibited strong growth during 2015-2020. Smart cities are constructed using smart and intelligent technologies to improve the quality of living. These cities utilize information and communication technology (ICT) that helps to promote and

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Buildings Are Getting Smarter: Four Innovations Driving Smart Technologies In Buildings Today

The recent pandemic has brought increased attention to workplace safety and accessibility, and many building managers are turning to technology to improve these critical outcomes. Most notably, the rising adoption of IoT-enabled technology is a driver of this trend, producing new building management systems, increasing awareness of space utilization, adhering to industry standards and regulations

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