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The best entertainment tech for a pandemic, from a TV you can watch in your garden to surround sound headphones

Samsung’s latest QLED TV with 4K resolution is purpose-built for use outdoors and can handle direct sunlight and any kind of weather JVC’s Exofield headphones deliver a sophisticated surround sound experience that would otherwise require a dozen speakers READ MORE FROM THE ORIGINAL SOURCE HERE

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How to compose music with just a single line of code

Accompanying the video were various articles written by him and published on his blog. In them, he describes how he accidentally discovered that by running a simple C program outputting single characters and piping them into the audio interface of a computer, it’s possible to encode these bytes and turn them into not just sounds,

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Sound Campus lets you explore a sound art museum as a giant teddy bear

Much of this year’s ARS Electronica Festival will take place in an online capacity due to COVID-19. Enrique Tomás, one of the festival’s curators sought to create an experience that gave its users the same feeling as exploring a real museum. He came up with Sound Campus, a virtual sound art museum designed for multiple users to explore

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MTV VMAs 2020: Lady Gaga, The Weeknd and more take home awards

The 2020 MTV Video Music Awards aired Sunday night and despite the pandemic, an (outdoor) show still went on with some of the biggest names in music. Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga led in nominations going into the event. Gaga took the stage multiple times, winning the first award of the broadcast for best collaboration for her hit single

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How to work from home when you’re a professional musician: producers and composers reveal their lockdown workarounds

We sat down with several leading composers, producers, and sound designers, working across advertising, film and game soundtracks and software instrument development. The aim? To learn about the main challenges of the last few months as well as the best solutions; from remote recording sessions and team logistics, to sourcing clients and optimising home studios.

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Supreme Court Asked to Review ‘Stairway to Heaven’ Fight

Is the Supreme Court ready to make music history? One petitioner is giving nine justices of the high court such an opportunity while hardly being subtle about it. Here are the opening notes from a new cert petition: "It is fitting, perhaps, that the future of music copyright law be decided by a case about

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“Forget presets”: Sonible’s smart:reverb plugin promises to listen to your sound and create a custom space for it

With a lot of reverb plugins, your starting point might be a preset indicating what kind of space it might be designed to recreate, but Sonible’s smart: reverb takes a rather different approach. This AI-powered processor promises to ‘listen’ to your sound and then create a custom-tailored reverb for it. READ MORE FROM THE ORIGINAL SOURCE

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Can technology help save live music, and what’s the future of gigs and festivals?

After four months of silence for live music events, restrictions around the world are gradually being lifted and small concerts are starting to happen. However, with the worry of secondary spikes in Coronavirus and local lockdowns happening across the globe, the future of the touring band is still uncertain. READ MORE FROM THE ORIGINAL SOURCE

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NHL hockey is back, and its TV-only game is sport’s biggest Covid challenge

While the NHL boasts a thrilling live experience, it has faced a continual dilemma with its television product: Hockey isn’t designed for the small screen. Advancements in technology, such as high definition, have helped, but issues persist. The puck is small and can be tough to follow. Substitutions are fluid and hard to track. Without

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The movies will return someday, and here are the ones we’re really stoked about

Even films about impending apocalypses and world crises cannot get us through the very real world crisis we're living through, at least not this summer. Studios are holding movies that would've offered viewers an air-conditioned reprieve, all in the hopes that coronavirus cases will slow and theaters can later reopen. READ MORE FROM THE ORIGINAL

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