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As the entertainment industry continues its head-spinning evolution, here are 5 trends sure to shape 2023

Opportunities ahead. In media and entertainment, we can point to cycles of evolution and change, often driven by changing consumer preferences, and always enabled by advances in technology. The current cycle of technological advances and pace of innovation is unprecedented. Opportunity for companies across the sectors of media and entertainment (and beyond), as well as

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2023 media and entertainment industry outlook

Streaming video, social media, and gaming are helping to enable new business models and reshaping media and entertainment. But the real story for 2023 is that these three sectors are increasingly becoming more interdependent as part of a broader and richer media and entertainment ecosystem. Successful companies will likely develop strong visions that span these

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New AI project, Riffusion, generates spectrograms to produce music

A new AI project called Riffusion can generate spectrograms which produce sounds based on what style of music you ask it for. The rise in AI over the last year has been phenomenal – we’ve seen Pilot Plugins’ futuristic AI avatars that can help you generate new MIDI and audio files, an AI cover of Dolly Parton’s Jolene, and more.

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Artists Are Helping To Keep Humans At The Center In EY’s Metaverse

For professional services firm EY (Ernst & Young Global Limited), knowing that their clients rely on them to understand what is changing about how people live and work means jumping into the metaverse themselves. Since June of 2021, a team at EY called the Cognitive Human Enterprise has been building a virtual world with a

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Why Big Tech Is Making a Big Play for Live Sports

Tech companies, eager to expand their streaming audiences, increasingly see live sports as a way to do it. Competing for rights to broadcast games from the N.F.L. and other leagues could be hard for broadcast and cable companies that “aren’t playing by the same financial rules.” More than a decade after Apple disrupted the music

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TikTok Starts Layoffs in Company-Wide Restructuring

TIKTOK HAS BEGUN a global restructuring of its business that includes layoffs, according to five people with knowledge of the process. The short-form video app, owned by Chinese parent company ByteDance, has rapidly expanded both its user base and workforce in recent years. Despite tensions with the Trump administration over fears it could be a tool of China’s

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ABBA Voyage’s creators tell us how they made the show, and what’s next

The team behind the creation of the new ABBA Voyage live experience have spoken to NME about how it was made, as well as what could be next for both the show and the band. Watch our video interview above. Premiering earlier this week at the purpose-built ABBA Arena in Stratford, East London, to a delighted response from fans, the ambitious production

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Superbooth 2022: Introducing the MIDI3D and MIDIGlove for making music with movement

Superbooth 2022: We’ve seen plenty of experiments when it comes to involving the physical body and movement into music production in the past, but the MIDI3D and MIDI Glove may be the most solid contribution we’ve seen yet. So, how does it all work? It comes in two parts – the MIDI3D works by mapping

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Metaverse app BUD raises another $37M, plans to launch NFTs

BUD, a nascent app taking a shot at creating a metaverse for Gen Z to play and interact with each other, has raised another round of funding in three months. The Singapore-based startup has closed $36.8 million in a Series B round led by Sequoia Capital India, not long after it secured a Series A

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