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6 Smartphone Apps for Streaming Music You Can Study To

Music is a great addition to add to the background of a study session, but if you’re playing your favorite Top 40 hits, you’ll find yourself singing along rather than getting work done. Luckily, we’ve rounded up a list of iPhone and Android apps that are perfect for streaming music that will keep you focused.

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5G for the enterprise: A status check

It’s no secret that the world is buzzing about what 5G means for the consumer – any ad you see from a major mobile network operator these days confirms that. But what about what this next-generation network means for businesses? 5G offers a tremendous opportunity for enterprises to transform their business, but many might not yet recognize

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Universal Music Shares Soar in Market Debut

Shares of Universal Music Group NV—the music giant behind stars including Taylor Swift, Drake and the Beatles—surged in their trading debut, representing a strong vote of confidence among investors in a resurgent music industry. The company’s stock rose 36% above a reference price set Monday evening by the Euronext exchange in Amsterdam, where Universal shares made

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ABBA’s Virtual Concert, The Metaverse And The Future Of Entertainment

Even pop legends are not immune to the ongoing digitization of every aspect of life and society. Recently it was announced that Abba fans would get to experience the Swedish supergroup in their prime, as their “Abba-tars” take to the stage in London next year. READ MORE FROM THE ORIGINAL SOURCE HERE

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What to Know Before You Attend Live Concerts and Sporting Events This Summer

Vaccinated individuals face low COVID-19 risk at crowded outdoor or indoor concerts, including at maskless venues. Unvaccinated individuals are at high risk for transmission, however. Wearing masks (even if you are vaccinated) can prevent you from spreading COVID-19 to other unvaccinated or at-risk individuals around you in shared living spaces, however. You should ask about

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This New App Is Intersecting Wellness And Dating

Finding ways to get creative with dating and wellness became a challenge over pandemic. Many turned to online dating as well as digital fitness and wellness routines. With millions of searches around dating and relationships last year, many took time to reflect, re-evaluate and shift how they wanted to approach finding love. As singles prepare for a

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The Next Era of Branded Entertainment Has Arrived. Here’s Why We Must Embrace It

Attention has never been more expensive for brands to buy, growing by nine-fold over the past 20 years. Meanwhile, ads have never been easier to avoid, with the continued rise of ad-free subscription services and roughly 70 million people in the U.S. using ad blockers last year. Traditional TV is also having its shakiest year

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The Corner Office with Ariana Tadler

In The Corner Office's premiere episode, Ariana Tadler strikes up a riveting conversation with Emory Parker, Producer and Co-Founder of Blue Slate Films. Emory speaks about her role as a business owner, while also sharing some of her favorite creative projects and work experiences. Ariana and Emory touch on what it is like to be

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International Tech Up Talks Address Advancing Innovation

IFA Berlin and Tech Up For Women recently hosted a webinar exploring strategies for advancing innovation as part of the International Tech Up Talks series. Moderator Faye Holland of Cofinitive welcomed Samsung Electronics America’s Senior Vice President of Corporate Marketing & Communications, Michelle Crossan-Matos, and Google’s Managing Director of Apps, Imma Calvo to discuss the topic. The conversation touched

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Tech Up for Women & IFA Berlin Panel: Samsung & Google on Advancing Innovation

IFA Berlin, a leading global trade show for consumer and home electronics, and Tech Up For Women, a group created for the advancement of women in technology, have joined forces to host a live event series. The “International Tech Up Talks” series provides a platform for high-profile female leaders in the tech industry to reflect on their careers,

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