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When the office goes, what happens to culture?

In the early months after Submittable, a Missoula, Mont.-based software company that employs about 100 people, shut down its office because of the coronavirus and told employees to work from home, people manager Asta So spent a lot of time figuring out how and when to bring workers back. But as the pandemic dragged on, her

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Hiring For Your Tech Team? Look For These Top 15 Qualities

Building a strong tech team from the ground up takes a recruiting effort that tracks down people with a wide variety of talents and backgrounds. You might think to limit your search to candidates with broad technology experience, but by also looking for candidates with highly niche or nontraditional skills, you can improve the diversity

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The Training and Development Your Employees Really Want

Your employees might be a little jumpy with Halloween just around the corner. However, recent research shows it’s not the spooky season that’s frightening your workers—it’s their jobs. A new Cornerstone report found that over half of American workers aren’t sure they have the skills to withstand a future layoff. Some economists are already forecasting a downturn

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Upskill and Reskill for a Better Employee Experience

Reskilling and upskilling are having an extended moment in the spotlight. Already a key priority for many companies, a recent report from TalentLMS indicated that since the COVID crisis began 42% of companies have increased their reskilling and upskilling efforts and 74% of employees who didn't receive any additional skill training said they would prefer to work

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How to Use Tech to Revamp the Customer Service Experience

Customer service has always been an important part of any business. Sometimes, even if a company's products and services aren't as ideal as a competitor's, delivering a good customer experience can help them generate more sales and profits. This is for a couple of reasons. First, customer service expectations have continued to grow rapidly over the years and businesses have been trying to compete on

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Innovative Ways Companies Convey Culture When Hiring Remotely

Both employers and job candidates have come to consider culture and cultural fit important elements when making or accepting offers. But in a world where much hiring is taking place remotely—often via videoconferencing and tools like Zoom and Skype—how can companies adequately convey their culture? READ MORE FROM THE ORIGINAL SOURCE HERE

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Remote Training

As the world embraces technology, more and more traditional methods and practices will eventually give way to tech enabled methods that are digitally advanced with high levels of efficiency and cost effectiveness. Certainly there are best remote training tools available in the market. The world of training too has undergone changes and adapting the new

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How To Train Employees On a New System Or Technology: 5 Tips

The popular saying may be, “The only constant is change,” but we’d like to tailor that specifically for you: the only constant is changing technology. Seems like the moment your employees become comfortable with a new system, technology, or software, another one comes along. This ever-evolving (but often improving) access to new software can be

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