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Transforming HR for the ‘New Normal’

Kiran Ahuja, the newly confirmed director of the Office of Personnel Management, may just be the leader the embattled human resources agency has needed. Let’s hope so. She is taking over at a time when government has serious workforce problems and OPM’s influence has declined. In other sectors, HR’s role is undergoing revolutionary change. It

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Viewpoint: 10 Fact-Based HR Practices for Company Success

As companies strive to return to a new normal, it is important to have an integrated approach that ensures the new normal is a positive one for all employees. To that end, I've developed 10 HR practices based on my 50 years of consulting and research. They should be viewed as a holistic picture of

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HR is high tech. Add these 4 essential tools to your recruiting tech stack

Technology has transformed human resources. Sometimes known as people operations, a typical HR manager in 2021 works in tech, often using technologies like artificial intelligence. Because of this, HR departments have their own tech stacks in the the different integrated digital tools used to streamline the hiring process, benefits management, etc. When we talk about HR

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Between ‘Phirtual’ And ‘Nework’: New Priorities For HR Managers

In an inevitably changed future, companies will need to be among the first to adapt to transformation in the relationships between employers and employees, especially in the search for talent. The global pandemic has brought training and retraining to the forefront as a tool to restart with new skills and a new mindset. Undoubtedly, those

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The Future of HR Tech

Human Resources (HR) professionals have to wear many hats. From recruitment, to handling employee performance, relations, training and benefits, to planning and maintaining administrative functions, HR management is not just limited to hiring anymore. With the role of HR becoming critical in supporting business, companies are increasingly looking to integrate technology into their HR operations

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Digital Tools Can Help Workers Deal with Pandemic-Related Stress

The uppercut of the pandemic sent many organizations and their workers reeling last year. Individuals were emotionally sagging against the ropes and mentally drained as anxiety over job loss or reduced work, increased caregiving responsibilities, social isolation, and worry over loved ones on the frontlines of the pandemic took its toll. The number of cases

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Why recruiters must put AI and its strategies to work—now

Artificial intelligence is invariably described as “advanced technology.” Some experts call it a step toward machines that will reason and converse, while others contend it’s simply a neat, rapid approach to performing statistical analysis. But as with most technologies, users don’t really care about what goes on under the system’s hood. Instead, they focus on how

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AI Recruiting: Removing Bias from Hiring Algorithms

Hiring can time-consuming, costly and highly consequential for both employees and companies. Therefore, to make this process better, employers have begun leveraging algorithmic techniques, in order to hire quality candidates. But the question that often comes up is if hiring algorithms prevent bias or amplify it? Algorithmic screening tools, on the surface seem like an

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Rethinking ‘Soft’ Skills in HR

Recruiters often emphasize the importance of "soft" skills like leadership, teamwork and communication—skills that are not specific to any particular job and can be applied to any role that a worker takes on. Both job candidates and HR departments may need to re-evaluate their approach to these skills because while they are not technical, they

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Close the tech skills gap with the right training

Modern reliance on technology has placed a new business focus squarely on IT. Many future business initiatives involve IT budgets, operations and staffing. Successful business technology initiatives demand high-level employees with broad and proven skill sets to design, procure, deploy, maintain and manage modern IT projects. But modern businesses face a serious staffing problem. It

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