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Fintech’s record year

Massive venture rounds into fintech companies have ballooned this year, pushing up total dollars invested — in just the first three quarters of 2021 — to nearly double the amount in all of 2020, per new PitchBook data. Why it matters: The maturing of fintech startups means a growing number of companies are able to raise

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Embedded Fintech: What is it?

Financial services are — once again — being totally reimagined, this time to meet end-users at the point of need. Early fintech innovation helped reduce the time and effort associated with accessing financial services: digitization and automation made it possible to pay bills, make investments, and send money internationally, all from a smartphone. READ MORE

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Payment Revolution Continues to Boost Fintech: 5 Top Picks

The coronavirus pandemic has reshaped the fintech space, boosting digital payment and online banking across the globe. The mass population has shifted from currency notes to tap-and-pay modes, as it lowered the risk of virus transmission. From e-commerce giants to minuscule brick and mortar retailers, the need for digital payment systems is growing constantly. Digital

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‘Investing in women is just good business’: Ways to increase funding for women-led ventures in the Middle East

On September 14, the Atlantic Council’s empowerME Initiative held a workshop on “Venture Capital Financing: How to Increase Funding for Women-led Ventures,” featuring a fireside chat with Mumzworld Co-Founder CEO Mona Ataya, which was moderated byCareem Pay Head of Strategy & Strategic Partnerships Madiha Sattar. There was also a panel discussion with Atlantic Council empowerME Director and Resident

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According to the Global Fintech Adoption Index 2019, fintech adoption was doubling every two years before the pandemic struck. From 2015 to 2019, the industry grew from 16% to 64%. This growth can be credited to fintech’s developed agility compared to brick-and-mortar financial institutions. When the world was struck by the COVID-19 pandemic, fintech became

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How This Fintech Startup Scored Investments From Major VCs And Celebrities

“Eco is not a bank.” – a recurring message one sees on the website of the three-year-old startup building a personal finance app for saving and spending money. Yet Eco takes in deposits, lends them to reap high yields and offers customers savings accounts paying 2.5-5% interest. It also doesn’t want to position itself as

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AI And RPA: Choosing The Right Tech For Your Finance Team

For the past few years, headlines have abounded about how robots are going to take over — specifically people’s jobs. It’s true robots have been taking on more mundane tasks, but there’s more to the story. A recent McKinsey report found that more companies were pursuing automation in 2020. However, many of the organizations surveyed

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Want a remote technology job in finance? Try a fintech

As we reported last week, there’s some resistance to returning to the office among technologists in investment banks: why commute hours each day to sit in London or New York, when the people you’re actually working with are in Bangalore or Warsaw or Budapest? While many banking technologists say they haven’t been served with dates

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