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Bitcoin miners upgrade power centers and get into AI to brace for slashed revenue post halving

AUSTIN, TEXAS — Adam Sullivan left investment banking to mine bitcoin at an awkward time. It was May 2023, bitcoin was trading at around $21,000, U.S. regulators were in the thick of cracking down on the sector writ large, and Core Scientific, the company he had agreed to take over, was battling angry lenders in a

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Blockchain and AI Are Set to Transform Financial Markets: Moody’s

Blockchain technologies that underpin crypto could help issuers of financial instruments like bonds reduce financing costs in the next five years, according to a report by credit ratings agency Moody's Investors Service. While incorporating these technologies into businesses could increase IT costs and require "substantial investment" at first, it could help lower expenses over time, the report

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The implications of generative AI in Finance

By the end of 2022, generative artificial intelligence (AI) had fully sparked public imagination about the future. Consumers and enterprises alike have been using artificial intelligence for years: speaking to voice assistants like Siri or Alexa, automating routine tasks, using algorithms to recognize patterns and correlations in data. But applications that could produce original text

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The Transformative Power of Technology in Banking and Finance

In recent years, the banking and finance industry has undergone a significant transformation driven by advancements in technology. From digital banking to artificial intelligence, technology has revolutionized the way we manage our finances and interact with financial institutions. This article explores the various ways technology is shaping the future of banking and finance and the

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The Future of Finance: AI Meets Tokenization

Federal Reserve Governor Christopher J. Waller recently gave a speech titled: “Innovations and the Future of Finance,” explicitly focusing on two emerging technologies, namely Tokenization and Artificial Intelligence (AI). He said, “the world is rapidly changing, and we need to be open to the potential benefits of innovation.” After ChatGPT sparked a technological arms-race among the

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In the last six months, we have seen an explosion of public interest in all things AI (artificial intelligence), bidding up the stocks of companies directly (for example, Microsoft) and tangentially (e.g., Nvidia) linked to this technology. AI-mania has fueled the biggest stock-price rally in the tech sector since 2002. Out of the entire S&P

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Money In The Digital Age: Exploring The Latest Financial Tech Innovations

Cashless to Bankless: How Is Money Changing? Speculation about the move towards a cashless economy increased considerably at the beginning of the decade. As consumers moved towards digital payment methods and e-commerce for more of their daily spending, the need to use physical currency began to dwindle. However, the underlying infrastructure that allowed this flow of

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Why Embracing Technology-Driven Innovation Is Critical for Financial Institutions

Financial institutions must embrace technology-driven innovation to meet changing customer expectations and secure sensitive data. Finance is generally known as a very traditional industry, but recent digital trends in technology and customer expectations have made it necessary for organizations to become technologically advanced. They can no longer rely on the same old experiences to please

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What the Finance Industry Tells Us About the Future of AI

The meteoric rise of artificial intelligence (AI) in the public conscience has caused many people to question what an AI-dominated future looks like. Will AI transform industries? If so, will it democratize or consolidate them? Will it create better or worse outcomes? Outlines of answers can be found in the world of finance which has

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Banking on customer experience and security via technology-based innovation

Trend research sponsored by Iron Mountain highlights that customer experience and security dominate banking conversations about technology-driven innovations, moderated by potential regulatory requirements. While important, technology-based capabilities leveraging artificial intelligence and metaverse are eclipsed by a larger focus on blockchain. I’ll never forget the look on my first mortgage clients’ faces as they signed for

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