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AI And RPA: Choosing The Right Tech For Your Finance Team

For the past few years, headlines have abounded about how robots are going to take over — specifically people’s jobs. It’s true robots have been taking on more mundane tasks, but there’s more to the story. A recent McKinsey report found that more companies were pursuing automation in 2020. However, many of the organizations surveyed

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Want a remote technology job in finance? Try a fintech

As we reported last week, there’s some resistance to returning to the office among technologists in investment banks: why commute hours each day to sit in London or New York, when the people you’re actually working with are in Bangalore or Warsaw or Budapest? While many banking technologists say they haven’t been served with dates

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Fintech Tools To Help You Master Money Mindfulness In 2021

“Mindfulness” is one of those zeitgeisty words that has invaded everything from beauty routines to breakfast cereal. Myriad brands promise mindful solutions to eating, exercising and using technology. Understandably, all the noise about mindful living may leave some consumers confused about what, exactly, it means. Even the finance industry has jumped on the bandwagon, which

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Tech Trends That Will Massively Transform Banking in 2021

The industry is entering a critical phase. Legacy technology will finally be superseded by a combination of cloud computing and AI, putting banks and credit unions closer to par with fintechs. But without phasing out the traditional product silo/back-office environment, that change won't happen. READ MORE FROM THE ORIGINAL SOURCE HERE

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Fintech Innovation Done Right: Be A Creator

Fintech is becoming a powerful force. Last year $2 billion went into the industry. Some have proclaimed fintech is everything and everywhere. This misses a key subtlety: not all fintech is created equally. Like all innovation (and as I argued in my recent book: Out-Innovate: How Global Entrepreneurs - from Delhi to Detroit - Are

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The Forbes Fintech 50: Nominate Your Favorite Company For Our 2021 List

For five years, we’ve published our Fintech 50 list, highlighting the top private companies that are reinventing finance through technology. (Here’s last year’s list.) From buy now, pay later lenders to payments startups making money flow faster, these businesses are dramatically improving the cost, efficiency and access of financial services. We’re updating the list for

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The Five Best Fintech Books To Get You Started

Fintech is exploding by any metric: funding, customer counts, revenues, corporate acquisitions... The number of people working in fintech has also grown prodigiously over the last few years. As people migrate from other sectors into fintech for the first time, I frequently get asked the same question: what can I read to learn about the

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How Fintech Can Help Streamline Your Company’s Financial Operations

“Huge.” “Surging.” “Very hot.” Those were just a couple of the terms financial news outlets used to describe the fintech market in 2020. They weren’t just buzzwords. Fintech has seen double-digit growth in transaction numbers and volumes during the pandemic, according to a study that included the World Bank. And digital banking surged during Covid-19,

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Female-Founded Fintech Makes It Easy To Invest In Minority And Women Entrepreneurs

Americans want to support their local economy by shopping small. More than half—53%—of consumers indicated that they are more likely to buy from a local business than a national retailer during the coronavirus pandemic, according to ZypMedia, a TV platform for local media companies. Shopping small is one way to help, but there are others.

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