Dr. Shawn Ramirez is an AI strategy leader and former professor with 15 years experience and a passion for AI for Good. She joined Shelf Engine in 2020 to lead applied science R&D to solve the food waste problem. Her technical leadership and deep partnerships have helped to accelerate tech and business strategy while achieving exponential growth. She oversees teams in machine learning, forecasting, optimization, causal inference, MLOps, human-in-the-loop, and ML observability. 

Prior to this, Shawn was the Head of Data Science and Engineering at Insight, where she led teams building over 200 data products to solve business problems. She spearheaded AI for Good collaborations with Microsoft, Intel, and other industry leaders to develop AI products in security and health, and with Odetta.ai to empower an all-female global workforce.

Shawn is a distinguished academic and international relations expert. She earned eight research awards, and is published in top political science and machine learning journals. She taught at Harvard and Emory universities. She has advised many institutions to bring rigor to law, humanities, and policy. She earned her Ph.D. with distinction from the University of Rochester, and a B.A. from Boston University. She serves on the Data Ethics Consortium board for AI Ethics, and the Centers of Excellence board for Washington State. She is active in Women in Data Science and AnitaB, and gives several talks a year on state-of-the-art AI and diversity in tech.