With a BA in International Economics from Westmont College, Jennifer graduated ahead of schedule and spent the last year of her studies in the foreign service embassies in Japan, South Korea, and Russia. Landing back in the states she began her career in the Soybean pit at the CBOT wearing a Fimat jacket for Société Générale. Passionate about creative endeavors, she traveled the world with a luxury content production company, producing and styling short films and commercials for LVMH and other prestige brands.

Seeing a gap in infotainment style B2B & B2C content, she co-founded Cloud productions, building an LMS platform for leadership & personal growth content that is currently licensed to several Fortune 500 companies and distributed to millions of subscribers. After her exit in 2019, Jennifer consulted for a range of companies in the advertising and AI space advising on product development, strategy, and innovation.

In her free time you will find her skiing, collecting pieces by Nicolas Ghesquiére, and seeing as much of the world as possible. Postcards required.