Donnetta Campbell

Donnetta, Founder, Principal, and Lead Architect of TheSocialArchitects, LLC has created a unique social media architecture and methodology that delivers authentic social engagement for brands, institutions, and senior leaders. She developed and orchestrates a powerfulœpeer-to-peer influencer leadership, specializing in learned-influence personal brand building and guiding corporate digital platforms through her #SocialPR.  She fuels her purpose driven ecosystem with over 800 top influencers and offers clients an influential reach into social’s key networks. Brand partners, including SONY PICTURES ENTERTAINMENT, GOOGLE, SAP, MICROSOFT, NASDAQ, A+E Networks, OMD, Bloomberg Images, Innovation Enterprise, Power Shift Forum and The Harry Walker Speakers Agency are embracing her unique models, SocialPR, SocialSurround, and SocialHR to optimize their impact. To date, Donnetta’s strategic initiatives have generated over 17 billion impressions for more than 800 personal brands and 500 events.


In 2016, Donnetta was named anœKnowledge Partners of the Global Development Professionals Network for The Guardian News & Media and awarded The International Alliance of Women World of Difference 100 award.


Her background includes more than twenty years in global public relations agencies with experience in corporate communication campaigns, HR campaigns, and crisis management. Donnetta holds numerous board positions with Global Diversity Leadership Exchange; U.N. Women NY Metro Chapter; Global Partnership Forum; Power Shift Forum; The International Women’s Forum and Games For Change Foundation.