Cindy-Anne Lewis, Head of Global Marketing at Capgemini & Lohika

Cindy-Anne heads up the Global Marketing team at Capgemini Engineering and Lohika, with responsibility for developing and building out the Marketing strategy to grow business revenue, branding, demand generation, content marketing, event marketing and social media marketing. Cindy-Anne has 20+ years of experience in Marketing leadership roles. 

Prior to Capgemini, Cindy-Anne was a VP of Marketing at a Blockchain Start-up in San Francisco called Dispatch Labs, which was a DLT Blockchain Protocol. She created the GTM Strategy for Dispatch, and was part of the initial founding team that  launched the company at Ethereum and New York City Blockchain week in 2018.She has been heavily involved in Blockchain communities, and was a co-founder of a Women in Blockchain Community called the X-change.

As Director of Marketing at Ericsson, Cindy-Anne was responsible for marketing strategy, demand generation and customer experience. Cindy-Anne helped launch NuVu, Ericsson’s first video-on-demand (VOD) media app platform. Prior to Ericsson, Cindy-Anne was Head of Marketing and Communications at Intel, where she developed and managed a regional strategy for Marketing, PR and Communications.

Cindy-Anne has a Bachelor of Social Science degree from the University of KwaZulu-Natal and a Masters Post Graduate Degree in International Marketing from the University of South Africa. She’s a visionary thinker with excellent communications skills from executive to tactical team level. 

Cindy-Anne is a natural leader with tireless passion and a can-do attitude for creating value and enabling the achievement of shared goals and aspirations. She’s a persuasive, charismatic influencer with proven success in building, mentoring and retaining highly motivated teams that consistently deliver on time and within budget.