Jenna Bryant, Co-Founder & CEO/General Partner at Embedded Ventures

Early-stage deep tech venture capital… Investing alongside my Co-Founder, Jordan Noone, in dual-use space startups beyond launch! See our investment areas of focus, and learn about our STEM outreach initiatives + ‘first of its kind’ partnership with the United States Space Force in the publications.

As a tech recruiter, Jenna established a reputation for being the go-to person in LA for hard-to-find engineering roles for early stage startups, working with the likes of Snap and Tinder in their early days to build diverse engineering teams. Jenna’s work recruiting for notable venture-backed tech startups led to the opportunity for her to become a Partner at a VC fund that specialized in early-stage hard tech. As a VC, Jenna was able to fully realize her passion for working with founders to invest in and help build their teams. She knew the impact she could have on the tech ecosystem would grow exponentially as a VC, so she founded her own fund.

Jenna’s journey from being an aspiring dancer in Alabama to founding Embedded Ventures, a next generation VC fund that invests in dual-use space startups beyond launch, is nothing short of remarkable. Her atypical industry experience and strong passion for the communities she represents is a driving force for her work. She believes her unconventional path is an asset, not a liability, and wants others to see a similar path for themselves.

Her work at Embedded has opened up opportunities for many founders who wouldn’t have gotten funding from another firm. With Co-Founder Jordan Noone, Jenna forged a first-of-its-kind multi-year partnership with the United States Space Force for Embedded Ventures in its first year as a fund.