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Thank you to our awesome and inspiring 2018 keynote speakers and panelists!

Anne M. Mulcahy

Anne is a 30-year veteran of Xerox and led the company through a massive transformation– reinventing Xerox into an…Read More

Bronagh Friel

Google’s Bronagh Friel is an insights driven decision maker, with a passion for creative storytelling, and loves collaborating…Read More

Molly Beck

Molly Beck is founder of podcast creation site Messy Bun; the author of Reach Out; the creator of the lifestyle blog…Read More

Sabina A. Ewing

Sabina A. Ewing is Vice President, Business Technology (BT) for Pfizer’s Corporate Functions and Business Services…Read More

Nancy Calderon

Nancy Calderon is KPMG’s Global Lead Partner for IBM, responsible for building and managing the firm’s global…Read More

Lois Herzeca

Lois Herzeca is the COO of MouthMedia Network, as well as a leading fashion and retail lawyer. She Co-founded the Fashion, Retail…Read More

Tameika N. Hollis

Ms. Hollis is the Executive Director for the Cyber and Intelligence Mission Solutions, a division within Northrop Grumman’s $10.7B…Read More

Kathy Murray

Kathy Murray, Founder & Co-Chair of Executive Forum Angels, is an experienced and creative business growth executive, angel…Read More

Maria Tapia

Maria is an experienced leader with over 25 years of experience in the technology industry. Throughout her career, she has…Read More

Wendy Chin

Wendy has over 25 years of senior management experience working in Fortune 50 companies and leading start-up…Read More

Steve Garrow

Steve Garrow is the host of the award-winning Provocateur’s Lab workshops. Steve is Managing Partner of the…Read More

Snjezana Cvoro-Begovic

As EVP of Partnership Strategy for Softvision, Snjezana has more than 25 years of experience in the high-tech and…Read More

Katie Dixon

Katie is a global business professional focused on enabling customers and partners to achieve their unique business…Read More

Jennifer Jackson

Jennifer Jackson currently serves as the Supervisory Economic Development Specialist for the New York District Office of…Read More

Ariana Dugan

Ariana Dugan is the Director of Education Product Management at GA. GA’s education products help companies….Read More

Natasha Green

Natasha Green is currently a community manager at AnitaB.org, an entrepreneur, and a former mathematics…Read More

Joshua Ashley Klayman

Joshua Ashley Klayman is Of Counsel in the Financial Transactions Group and is a founding member and the head of …Read More

Shannon Platz

Shannon Platz is SAP’s Global Vice President for Platform Ecosystem, responsible for sales and marketing strategy…Read More

Leslie F. Varon

Leslie F. Varon is a retired Chief Financial Officer and current Board Director with an extensive record of financial and…Read More

Lauren Stevens

Mrs. Stevens is Vice President, Senior Strategist, for FactSet’s Content and Technology Solutions. Specifically…Read More

Ellen Keithline Byrne

How can we use the power of our mind to generate the confidence necessary to show up as a leader with presence?…Read More

Rima Alameddine

Rima leads the Enterprise business for Nvidia for the Eastern half of the US and Canada. Along with her…Read More

Jessica DeLuca

Jessica DeLuca is a data scientist for the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Einstein team. She builds big data…Read More

Diane Rogerson

Diane Rogerson is Director of Information Technology (IT) Cybersecurity & Technology Controls (CTC). In addition…Read More

Bill Zierolf

Bill Zierolf is the Executive Director, Sales North America, Enterprise & Intelligence Solutions at Syniverse…Read More

Anuja Singh

Anuja runs Advanced Services Business Development for the US Public Sector business for Cisco Systems. Along…Read More

Samanvitha Kumar

Samanvitha Kumar, a technical specialist in the areas of Identity & Access Management and Mobile Security, has over…Read More

Angie Ruan

Angie Ruan joined Nasdaq in May 2018 as Senior Vice President, Technology and Cloud Migration. She…Read More

Sapna Shah

Sapna Shah is an angel investor, retail expert and three-time entrepreneur. Through Red Giraffe…Read More

Margaret Niche

Margaret Niche is currently the Head of the ICE Global Network for Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), which…Read More

Amy DuVernet

Amy DuVernet, Ph.D., CPTM, is the director of certification programs at Training Industry, Inc., where she oversees all…Read More

Taryn Oesch

Taryn Oesch, CPTM, is the editor of web content at Training Industry, Inc., where she also co-hosts “The Bus…Read More

Jessica Madrid

Jessica Madrid grew up in boutique digital agencies in the late ‘90s and early 2000s finding herself at the advent of ecommerce…Read More

Jen Vescio

Jen Vescio is Global Head of Development at Oath, a Verizon Company. Starting in 1992 coaching soccer…Read More

Dana Shaw-Arimoto

Dana has always left a legacy behind. She believes strongly in leaving things better than she found them, and her record shows it…Read More

Shelby Chamberlain

Shelby is currently the CFO at Patient Discovery and has additional responsibility for overall market development, corporate…Read More

Erin Heinmiller

Erin Heinmiller is the Senior Director of Digital Compliance for United Technologies Corporation (UTC), a leader in the…Read More

Abby Fuller

Abby Fuller is a technical evangelist/agony aunt at Amazon Web Services. She is currently is involved…Read More

Stephanie DePalma

Stephanie DePalma is an engineering design manager at GE Additive where she is responsible for driving…Read More

Marcy Paterson

Marcy Paterson has spent the last 25 years working in the technology sector in a range of capacities. As an early…Read More

Lesley Ma

Lesley Ma, Global CIO for Cadillac, represents IT on the leadership team of Cadillac, based in Manhattan. In this role…Read More

Anju S. Chopra

Anju S. Chopra is Vice President, Technology with Kroll’s Identity Theft and Breach Notification practice, based in…Read More

Lisa Paccione

Lisa Paccione is responsible for leading the sales of Syniverse’s full portfolio of mobile marketing, engage…Read More

Amanda Patterson

Amanda is the Co-Founder & CEO of The Call List, which works with brands like MAC Cosmetics to monetize…Read More

Shelia Cockburn

Shelia Cockburn is experienced in the industries dealing with businesses, non-profits, pharmaceutical…Read More

Alicia Syrett

Alicia Syrett is the Founder and CEO of Pantegrion Capital, an angel investment vehicle focused on seed and…Read More

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