Jaysheree Seth

Jayshree Seth is a Corporate Scientist at 3M, headquartered in St. Paul Minnesota, and leads Applied Technology Development projects for Industrial Adhesives and Tapes Division, one of the largest industrial businesses at 3M. She has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Clarkson University in NY and a Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering from India, and, holds 67 patents for a variety of innovations. Jayshree is currently working on identifying new growth opportunities, and, is engaged in new technology development and commercialization for sustainable Industrial Products within various markets.

Jayshree is a passionate advocate for life-long learning and in her 26 year tenure at 3M, has been involved in many Grassroots Innovation projects resulting from 3M’s “15% culture”, and, strategic initiatives on Front-End Innovation, Customer-Inspired Innovation, White Space Identification, Key Account Projects and Strategic Intellectual Property. She is also a certified Design for Six Sigma Black Belt. In 2018 Jayshree was appointed as 3M’s first ever Chief Science Advocate and is using her scientific knowledge, technical expertise and professional experience to advance science and communicate the importance and benefits of science in everyday life. A focus area is fostering a new generation of scientists and science advocates. When asked about the key to her career success, Jayshree says, “I was blessed with many strengths.. and many of my strengths can be my weaknesses. I don’t hide my strengths.. and I don’t hide from my weaknesses!”

Jayshree is very passionate about teaching, coaching, mentoring and is a sought-after speaker, globally, on a multitude of topics such as innovation, leadership, career development, intellectual property. She has two children and her husband is also a 3Mer. She has been interviewed for Forbes.com, Business Insider, Yahoo finance, Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls, FoxNews.com, ARS Technica, Thrive Global, ladders.com etc. Jayshree was recently inducted into the Carlton Society which is the 3M Science and Engineering ‘hall of fame.’ Among her international accolades Jayshree recently won the “Le Tecnovisionarie” award by Women & Tech. Jayshree confesses that she added a new hobby after catching the social media bug – she enjoys sharing her viewpoint through LinkedIn Posts.