Heather Myers is the founder of Spark No. 9, a next-gen growth strategy firm that uses ad campaigns and other quantifiable mechanisms to validate new product concepts, pivots, and brand positioning. With the Spark team, Heather has developed a methodology that helps companies answer questions like “What product should we build?” and “What target market is most productive?” before they invest.

Heather’s passion is using design and data science to answer difficult strategic questions, especially those about product-market fit and finding first customers.
The Spark approach reaches people in real-life settings and tracks actual behavior—clicks on ads, signups on landing pages, and so on—to validate direction. The result: working models for customer acquisition, ready to scale.

Heather is a strategic advisor to Sightworthy, a video creation platform for brands, The Luupe, a marketplace for custom images, and GOLD, an online comedy platform. She is also the president of the Harvard Business School Women’s Association of New York.
Prior to founding Spark, Heather led corporate strategy and development for Scholastic, a $2B leader in K-12 educational technology and children’s book publishing and distribution. Before joining Scholastic, Heather managed the $12 billion merger of Polygram and Universal and created a digital music division for the Universal Music Group; she also led strategy and business development efforts for Universal Studios’ television, motion picture, theme park, and music businesses. She holds a BA in English from Dartmouth College and an MBA from Harvard Business School.