Leticia Ricks

Serial Entrepreneur, Wife and mother, and DEI Professional Leticia Ricks is CEO of Luxotic Retreats, Futuricks Enterprise, co-founder of Glamere, while also leading Diversity Recruiting Program Management for Amazon Global Recruiting Engine.

Luxotic Retreats mission is to provide a worldwide luxury travel experience that resets, renews and connects travelers with top experts to enrich their mind, bodies and soul. With over 10 years of leading group travel and event planning experiences.
In December 2019, Ricks formed Luxotic Retreats. Leticia has anchored travel experiences in countries such as: Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Bahamas, Cayman Islands and many other international destinations.
The goal of Luxotic Retreats is to create the first retreat company designed for community building at the intersection of personal brand building and entrepreneurship. Luxotic was created as a development getaway to assist emerging entrepreneurs with networking opportunities, personal and professional development while recharging in the most luxurious, exotic and spiritually intense places in the world.

Leticia also leads Diversity Recruiting Program Management for Amazon Global Recruiting Engine. With a resume extending a decade in recruitment, she found her passion for creating large-scale diversity recruiting events and initiatives, such as Amazon’s “Represent the Future” Virtual Summit. The Amazon’s “Represent the Future” Virtual Summit’s ideology is to bridge the gap of under-represented minorities and women in the tech and corporate industries. Amazon recruits candidates from diverse communities such as AfroTech, Grace Hopper Confe and Lesbians Who Tech.

Ricks is passionate about her startups, Futuricks Enterprises has been in business for almost 15 years. Futuricks Enterprises is the umbrella company for Futuricks Faces and Futuricks Fitness. With a focus on events, fitness, and the future of fun, Futuricks Faces offers quality Face Painting, Balloons, Henna and body art for events and parties. Leticia is also a certified Zumba Instructor who enjoys helping others get into shape through her company Futuricks Fitness.

Furthermore, Ricks enjoys being a career coach, helping women and underrepresented professionals strive for and achieve their career goals.