Bernadette Rivosecchi

Bernadette Rivosecchi has spent 14+ years at BlackRock where she has been leading and advancing their technology efforts across multiple focus areas. Bernadette started her career delivering risk analytics via Aladdin, BlackRock’s proprietary multi-asset investment and risk management system, helping investment managers and clients understand the risks that they have and model the impact of actions on their investment portfolios. In 2018, Bernadette transitioned to Digital Marketing responsible for leading a global team of product managers and engineers responsible for the strategy and transformation of the firm’s web and mobile ecosystem, which serves millions of clients and prospects coming to our digital properties each month. More recently, Bernadette has been leveraging innovative technology and thoughtful design to build digital products to help more and more people retire with dignity.

Bernadette earned a BS degree in Finance from the Pennsylvania State University and is a CFA charterholder.