Brigit Goebelbecker

Brigit is the Program Manager for Cyber NYC – a $100 M public-private partnership to make NYC a global hub for the cybersecurity industry. Drawn to the messy space where technology and social service delivery meet, Brigit is committed to transforming the inefficiencies of social impact work. With a background in cultural studies, she worked on a behavioral economics, road safety intervention in Rwanda before moving to New York. In NYC, Brigit’s work has spanned a blockchain for social good initiative, a fintech startup, a digital health lab, and she even co-founded a non-profit (Second Day) to connect young people to careers in the social impact space.  She is fascinated by the frustrated energy of technologists and the altruistic commitment of public servants, and she is driven by the power of technology to expand equity and access within economic development. At NYCEDC, she leads partner relations, operations, and project management for the bootcamp, accelerator, and tech transfer arms of Cyber NYC.