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4 Basic Business Tools New Entrepreneurs Need To Succeed

This year, many eager new entrepreneurs are ready to hit the ground running with their startups and hopefully experience a year less challenging than the previous one. When launching a new business, it’s important to consider what business tools and core essentials small businesses need in order to thrive in today’s "new normal." I help entrepreneurs incorporate and

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5 Make-or-Break Shifts in Digital Marketing to Be Aware of This Year

To say 2020 was a crazy year would be a giant understatement. So many small businesses and entrepreneurs struggled, and it was a tough time for many. Running a digital marketing agency gave me a front-row seat to the challenges, but it also shed a very bright light on the huge opportunities available to those willing to go after

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Teen entrepreneurs: ‘My friend’s pug inspired my business’

As part of our CEO Secrets series, which invites business leaders to share their advice, we are focusing on start-ups that have launched during lockdown, looking at different types of entrepreneur. This week, we hear from teenagers. The business journey of Phoebe Cosgrove began with a pug. The 19-year-old dental nurse apprentice, who lives with

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Meet 10 More Black Women Entrepreneurs Preparing To Win Big For Their Businesses

Black women business owners are continuing to remain at the forefront of innovation as entrepreneurs and the New Voices team is joining forces with the Target Accelerators team yet again to give ten of these hard-working women the chance of a lifetime. Poised and prepared before a panel of business experts, the ladies will be sharing their

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Tech-Savvy Entrepreneurs Make Inroads Into Fracking Operations In Shale Oil And Gas.

The price of oil dropped in 2015 and many oil and gas workers were laid off. But soon after, 2018 was called the year of the frac because the industry boomed again, led by the mighty Permian basin with its prolific oil and gas resource. Then the pandemic of 2020 hit, OPEC squabbled with Russia,

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Remote Work Culture Is Struggling—Here Are 5 Ways To Save It

News flash: This is not the “new normal.” It’s just normal. Offices have been mostly remote for almost a year now. And while the vaccine gives us hope for a return to semi-normalcy, some things will be changed forever. Employees will no longer be required to be in offices—in fact, Salesforce just declared the 9-to-5 workday dead,

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7 Female Entrepreneurs To Watch For In 2021

For many people, the word ‘entrepreneur’ conjures images of no-nonsense men in stuffy suits, but it’s an outdated idea. Many people want to be entrepreneurs; it’s one of the fastest-growing career paths today. But most people who decide to make that leap don’t get very far. A successful entrepreneur needs to cultivate the proper connections,

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Why Most Entrepreneurs Aren’t Delegating Effectively

I believe that delegation is one of the most important and most valuable tools in an entrepreneur’s arsenal. It’s a skill set that rarely sees active development, and one that often takes a backseat to other forms of skill development. This is partially because most entrepreneurs are driven to take a hands-on approach. Business-minded people tend to be highly ambitious, with

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Mike Ling Came to America to Study Medicine. Now He Runs a Successful Fitness-Tech Company. It All Came Down to Passion.

When it comes to health and fitness, pumping irons and participating in triathlon competitions may be the ideal impression of staying fit. But for Mike Ling, a fitness aficionado and entrepreneur, being fit and healthy does not only encapsulate physical conditions, but also encompasses mental strength, nutrition intake and happiness. Born and raised in China with a background

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