Cynthia Tee

Cynthia is a senior director of engineering at Nordstrom where she supports services that power checkout, payments and order management. With a passion for building inclusion and belonging in our tech industry, she is a trained facilitator for the Ally Skills Workshop, which she conducts throughout Seattle through Diverse City, LLC. Cynthia also serves as advisor to the Women in Technology Regatta and IGNITE Worldwide. 

Through the years, Cynthia has been a software developer, partner group program manager and vice president of product across many domains: operating systems, marketplaces, consumer apps, and platforms. In 2015, she became the executive director of Ada Developers Academy, a tuition-free, nonprofit software development training program for women, trans and non-binary people that partners with companies to increase their pipeline for diversity. 

Cynthia has a master’s degree in computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.