Hamshy Raveendran

Hamshy Raveendran is an accomplished sales leader with over 12 years of experience of international business development and sales experience, working across various channels in the wireless and telecommunications industries. She joined Samsung in June 2017 and is responsible for Samsung Mobile B2B’s East Coast Large Enterprise Sales team and Samsung’s Healthcare OEM customers across the country.

As a sales leader Hamshy has overachieved her revenue YoY and was promoted into leadership from a Key Account Manager role within a year and half of joining Samsung.  Before joining Samsung Hamshy spent 4 years at Vodafone Global Enterprise as a Global Client Partner leading relationships of Vodafone
largest multinational customers. During her time at Vodafone Hamshy established and launched Vodafone’s Women’s Network in the Americas focused on empowering women to achieve their personal and professional best.
Hamshy started her career with BlackBerry in the Middle East as the first employee in the region responsible for launching BlackBerry’s consumer strategy across UAE. In a span of 3 years she led the team that drove exponential expansion of BlackBerry market share, with 1 in 4 people using BlackBerry
across UAE.

During her time at BlackBerry Hamshy has worked across Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, Oman, and Bahrain in various channel and carrier management roles. 

Hamshy has purposely driven her career to work for big brands launching expanding in new markets, or new segments. This diverse experience has provided Hamshy with an entrepreneurial mindset and a trailblazer attitude. Hamshy’s career is decorated with impactful accomplishments made possible because she’s been able to tap into her passion and creativity to leverage limited resources thus enabling change, action and results – often where others said something was ‘impossible’ – she made it happen.

Hamshy has a strong interest in driving social change is very passionate about gender equality and leveraging tech for good. She’s actively engaged in the UN Women HeforShe campaign and Sou Sou, a social banking platform to help people save and build strong credit using lending circles.