Heather M. Ford

Heather M. Ford is the Managing Director of STEM for Global Training and Events, a women owned startup that is redefining the corporate training experience with programs, workshops, and keynote programs for a wide variety of industries and the proprietor of Tech Up for Women. Previously she was the Vice President of Engineering and Science for Nobis Engineering and Vice President of Haztech, a technology startup that was purchased by Westinghouse, Inc. Heather is also the current 2019-2020 Boston Society of Civil Engineers Legislative Fellow, working as the technical expert liaison between the civil engineering community and current Statehouse legislators. Ford recently served on the ASCE National Environment, Energy, and Water Policy Committee, and is currently serving as an ASCE Civil Engineering ABET program evaluator, which accredits university civil engineering college programs. Her alma mater, Northeastern University, from which she received a Master’s in Engineering Management and a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering, recently named her the 2019 Civil Engineering Alumni of the year. Heather enjoys mentoring other women in engineering and you can always reach out: hmford@globaltrainingevents.com