Jenny Thompson

Jenny Thompson is a mission-driven business leader and natural-born marketer who builds to benefit shareholders, employees, and customers. Her skills include: strategic business development, customer acquisition and retention, win-win negotiations, marketing strategy, and benefit-driven product development.

She spent 20 years at The Agora Companies, most recently as the CEO of NewMarket Health. During that time, she grew the company from $2 million to $70 million, oversaw the migration of the company’s marketing from 100% direct mail to 100% online, and was responsible for 14 brands.

Jenny left NewMarket to start SafetyPIN Technologies, an innovative trust badge that lets people see at a glance if someone they met online is safe to meet offline.

She’s also the creator of the 3-Day Business Cleanse, a novel process that helps companies get “unstuck” using her review, remove, and rebuild philosophy.