JoAnn Laing

JoAnn Laing is Chairwoman of The National Robotics Education Foundation.  She founded the non-profit NREF informational clearinghouse after 20+ years leading technology and tech-enabled businesses such as Olivetti, Sara Lee, First Advantage and now heads Information Strategies, Inc. Working with other national, international organizations, the NREF identifies the most accessible and affordable curricula, products and learning resources for educational organizations.  By sponsoring original research to foster the adoption of robotics within educational curriculum in grades 1-12 the foundation encourages careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). JoAnn is recognized as a top women technology leader in Silicon Alley and honored as an Alumnae Leader by the Harvard Business School, where she earned her MBA.  JoAnn shares her wide and deep interest in advanced technology by tweeting daily on robotics, AI, etc. @NewsRobotics. She can be reached at