Karen Kirchner

Karen Kirchner, PCC is an Executive and Team Coach with a 20-year track record of catapulting clients to greater levels of leadership effectiveness.  As a former HR director at Citigroup and Reader’s Digest, she provides a business-savvy perspective grounded in the complexity of organizational life.  Karen’s unique blend of intelligence, insight and creativity has made her a trusted partner to an impressive list of organizations, from Fortune 500 companies to technology start-ups. Executives report that working with Karen helps them to elevate their presence and make better decisions, resulting in enhanced reputation and results.  Recent clients include the COO of a large energy company and the CTO of an internet start-up. She is a Co-founder of Her New Standard: The Playbook for Women Leaders, a leadership consultancy focused on developing women leaders. Check out their flagship program, HNS Accelerate: For Women Leaders on the Fast Track, an exciting new women’s initiative that helps women break the proverbial glass ceiling.