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Best music-making apps in 2021: The best mobile synth apps

Not everyone has access to high-end soft synths and prestige hardware synths. But most of us do have access to a smartphone. Thanks to some savvy developers, you can harness the power of vintage synth icons such as the Moog Minimoog in the palm of your hand. New, original synths are available, too, with unique approaches to

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5 Tech Trends for 2021

The pandemic forced government agencies to adapt rapidly. During the past 12 months, government IT teams have been busy enabling remote work, implementing cloud migration and digital transformation projects and securing an ever-expanding perimeter. Yet while 2020 ushered in significant change from a federal IT perspective, it’s merely the beginning. Mega-trends like elastic cloud computing,

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Behind the Making of ‘Framing Britney Spears’

The premiere last week of the film “Framing Britney Spears,” part of the TV documentary series “The New York Times Presents,” looked closely at Ms. Spears’s legal battle with her father, Jamie Spears, over control of her finances. For more than a decade, that control has been held largely by Mr. Spears in a conservatorship, a complex legal arrangement typically

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10 Things You Might Have Missed at the Super Bowl

There was a time when Tom Brady did not play in and win Super Bowls. Sure, it was when Copernicus was trying to figure out which direction the Earth moved, but the time did exist. Sunday was not one of those times. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers soundly defeated the Kansas City Chiefs, 31-9, in a game that lacked any

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Fashion Innovation – Top 22 Technologies Creating The Future Of Fashion

When it comes to fashion innovation, consumer adoption, and constant technological development are critical. As both industries are future-driven and consumer-focused, adoption happens naturally. But, when it comes to technology, not all developments are suitable for the fashion industry. From digital influencers to AI and material innovation, are the top 21 fashion innovations of 2020,

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Budweiser, like Coke and Pepsi, to pass on Super Bowl 2021 commercials

The “king of beers” won’t be reigning over the Super Bowl 2021 commercial space this year. Budweiser is the latest corporation to back out of advertising during this year’s broadcast, choosing instead to join a public awareness campaign for the COVID-19 vaccine. For the first time in 37 years, the company won’t air its game-stealing

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DIY music production software like Logic Pro X is now the mainstream. Here’s what you need to know

TLDR: The Ultimate Logic Pro X Music Production Bundle is a music lover’s dream, an 8-course collection in using this high-powered production suite to make all your own beats. Paul McCartney did it. So did Bruce Springsteen and the Rolling Stones. From Led Zeppelin to Radiohead to Foo Fighters, right up to today’s hottest artists

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Samsung launches new smart monitor for both work and entertainment

Samsung Electronics announced the global launch of its new Smart Monitor, a screen that brings together features for work, learning and entertainment. In a release Samsung claims that the monitor is designed to meet the new needs of today’s consumers, who are now working, learning and consuming entertainment at home. The new Smart Monitor incorporates

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The medley of music and technology

When the director of the University of Redlands School of Music, Joseph Modica, was interviewed for the position last year he was asked about the challenges of the 21st-century musician. “And here we are, we’re experiencing them!” he says of teaching and performing music during the pandemic. While both students and faculty members in the

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