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EnCorps and Sony Pictures Entertainment Executives Take the Stage at TECH UP FOR WOMEN™ to Discuss STEM Education

Sherry Lansing and Stacy Green will discuss how EnCorps’ unique STEM Teachers Program is enriching STEM education. REDONDO BEACH, CA, UNITED STATES, November 14, 2022 / -- WHAT: The EnCorps STEM Teachers Program recruits and supports science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) professionals to transition to STEM teaching in under-resourced schools. EnCorps provides program participants with teacher

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Tech Up For Women Conference Goes Virtual With Panels, Webinars, and Networking

The male-dominated tech industry will see a change in the future because more women are getting involved with technology. Women have been scarce in the tech industry for the past few decades, but avenues are opening up for them. The global Tech Up for Women Conference is an all-day event to help women advance their careers by hearing experts speak about the future of tech and connecting with other women in the tech business. “This

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Tech Up For Women-IFA Berlin Conference

A virtual international event for women in the consumer technology industry to advance their careers through greater tech knowledge, innovation, resources and networking opportunities. The first International Tech Up For Women-IFA Berlin Conference will be held, Thursday, September 2, 2021, streamed virtually across the Globe. READ MORE FROM THE ORIGINAL SOURCE HERE

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In The Spotlight – What Hollywood Can Teach Today’s Business Leaders About Virtual Meetings

What are you up to this evening? For many of us still locked down in our own four walls, there is one rather predictable answer: Netflix! Ironically, despite interminable video conferencing during the day, huge numbers of us are still turning to video technology to entertain us in the evenings. We log out of our

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Under Cyberattack: Learning For Leaders Through Play

Berlin, January 2020. A group of executives is ushered silently into a conference room. With little in the way of preamble, a grim announcement is made: their company is under cyber-attack. Anonymous hackers have sent a series of cryptic demands which must be carried out within the next 30 minutes – or else the company’s

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How to Manage ‘Invisible Transitions’ in Leadership

Leadership transitions are either formal, with a change in job title and sphere of authority, or informal. Examples of formal leadership transitions include vertical transitions (promotions to a higher rank), lateral transitions (moving to a different part of the business), and geographic transitions (moving to a different country or market). But managers often go through invisible leadership transitions, with additions to the nature

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Tech Up for Women & IFA Berlin Panel: Samsung & Google on Advancing Innovation

IFA Berlin, a leading global trade show for consumer and home electronics, and Tech Up For Women, a group created for the advancement of women in technology, have joined forces to host a live event series. The “International Tech Up Talks” series provides a platform for high-profile female leaders in the tech industry to reflect on their careers,

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Why Women Need to TechUp (Maybe) Without Men

Does the world really need another tech conference? One dedicated to getting women up to tech speed? I was a TechUpforWomen skeptic. “Why should tech issues for women be any different than those for men,” I thought. Then I attended the day-long TechUpforWomen, a show that according to its founder, Dawn Pratt, was created “to

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Inspiration and Insight From the Tech Up for Women Conference

For me, attending a women's-oriented conference is often more for inspiration than information. However, I was pleasantly surprised that the recent Tech Up for Women Conference at the Javits Center in New York, offered both. Speakers from a range of industries not only shared their struggles to find the right career path and overcome obstacles,

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MEA Partners with Tech Up for Women

Encouraging More Women to Get Involved in the Mobile Electronics Industry North Andover, MA – July 2019 – The Mobile Electronics Association (MEA) announced today a new partnership with Tech Up for Women to provide networking opportunities and engage more women in the mobile electronics industry. MEA will host an inaugural meeting of Women of

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