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Eliminating Unconscious Bias in Tech Recruitment

The business case for diverse organizations is clear: A more diverse and inclusive business consistently delivers better results. From a legal perspective, with a variety of discrimination legislation long since passed, there should be no barriers to hiring a workforce that is more reflective of society as a whole. READ MORE FROM THE ORIGINAL SOURCE

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Women in Technology

Recently, a report from McKinsey & Company stated: “It is hardly news that women — particularly women of color — are chronically underrepresented in the US tech sector. Perhaps more alarming is that the trend is headed in the wrong direction. The percentage of computing roles women hold has largely declined in the United States over the past 25

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How To Leverage Virtual Recruitment Technology To Secure Top Graduate Talent

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact recruitment practices across industries, many companies are left without the opportunity to conduct the usual hiring drives that take place on university campuses. These multi-day events allow businesses to get their hands on the cream of the graduate crop from top engineering and management universities across the country,

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Diversity Recruiting . . .What Does That Actually Mean?

Finding diverse talent means different things to different organizations, according to a newly released study by Steven Landberg, managing director of Claymore Partners. “Diversity is a complicated goal to be defined, refined, measured and strategized as a critical business strategy for success,” he said. Let’s take a closer look. READ MORE FROM THE ORIGINAL SOURCE HERE

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The HR technology trends that are defining 2020

With more employees working remotely during the first half of this year because of the coronavirus pandemic, technology has become more important to human resources departments. Experts have noted several HR tech trends, including increased use of artificial intelligence in hiring and recruiting, growth of employee tools for financial wellness as well as physical and

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Gen Y Speaks: I am proof that women can thrive in a male-dominated tech sector.

I arrived in Stockholm on Jan 17 to start work as a software developer, just as Covid-19 began to wreak havoc throughout the world. After spending six months in a country I had never visited previously, I would like to share my experience as well as my three-year journey as somewhat of a rarity in

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