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Will Remote Work Lead to More Diversity in Tech?

​Will the pandemic-induced shift to remote work help organizations increase diversity? Yes, some companies say—at least for technology jobs. Technical fields have long lacked diversity; some 80 percent of software engineers in the U.S. are white men, according to McKinsey. Despite pledges to diversify, technology companies have yet to make much progress. READ MORE FROM

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HR And HCM Tech Are Vital To Navigate A Changing Workplace

The major challenge for organizations this year will be responding to a workplace and a workforce that have changed more dramatically and fundamentally than we’ve seen in recent history. The choices companies make in the next six months will define their success and growth — or lack thereof — for the long-term. As many start

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How Will Hiring Trends In Marketing, Sales and Tech Be Redefined: Featuring Kevin Harrington, CEO At Joblist

Hiring trends in tech have undergone a shift during the Covid-19 pandemic, moreover, with the changing needs involved while shaping teams across multiple departments, for instance, marketing and sales, in light of the pandemic and in light of increased dependence on hybrid and remote work models, it’s important for business and HR leaders to reconsider

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Technology can help employers avoid hiring biases

The first step human resource leaders must take in delivering on social responsibility is eliminating bias. In order to achieve this goal, HR must look at the ways science-powered technology can help. In our age of social upheaval, organizations are under a microscope. It’s not enough to give lip service to fairness and equality. Progress

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How Do Large Companies Recruit The Best Software Developers?

Every company is a technology company today, and with the rise of digital transformation and remote work, the demand for software engineers is hotter than ever. Startups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) usually employ specific tactics like in-house recruiters, staffing agencies or even IT hiring partners, but what about large companies that have a

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Remote hiring: Cybersecurity best practices

In the TechRepublic article Amazon, Disney, and Uber reveal remote interviewing and hiring processes, N.F. Mendoza looks at key human resource trends and predictions regarding remote hiring. Mendoza wrote, "The once new normal, and now just normal has changed the way employees and companies not only initially find each other, but the nuances and practices regarding

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Making the Most of HR Tech Demos

​From payroll to recruiting to learning and development, the number of technologies built to help run organizations has mushroomed, making it more challenging for HR buyers to choose the right one. SHRM Online spoke with HR technology leaders, analysts and consultants about how to use one key step in the vendor selection process—the product demonstration—to

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Employees value diversity, equity and inclusion, and employers are making progress — but too many tech workers still experience discrimination during their careers. That was a major takeaway from Built In’s 2021 State of DEI in Tech report, which we released last week. The data shows an industry that, as a whole, is making incremental

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The 10 Most Demanded Tech Jobs in 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the business ecosystem not only in digital acceleration, but in the way organizations develop their talent in the face of new labor needs. The 2021 Remuneration Study made by the recruitment company for managerial and executive positions Michael Page , the search for talent with digital and technological skills has

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How technology can enable more diverse recruiting

Diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives are typically top of mind for HR leaders and talent acquisition teams, yet change has been slow. Even as 2020 shined a spotlight on social injustices and inequalities across corporate America, the question remains — will the work get done to create the change needed to break down diversity barriers?

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