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What’s Ahead for HR Technology in 2021

​As the new year begins, HR leaders are focusing on enhancing technology systems that improve the productivity of remote workers, upgrading workforce management, utilizing recruiting and learning platforms to meet changing needs, and deploying digital tools such as apps or videos to help employees manage mental health issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic. While the

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HR Pros Share 13 Ways Tech Is Improving The Way They Work

Each day, a company’s human resources team faces a whirlwind of requests, demands and processes that would overwhelm most. Luckily, technology has afforded many HR professionals a chance to streamline and improve processes. Below, 13 experts from Forbes Human Resources Council talk about the ways technology is helping them work together and improve outcomes for

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Delta Air Lines, Walmart Use HR Technology to Stay Agile During COVID-19 Pandemic

​Having versatile and modern HR technology platforms paid off for organizations during the pandemic as they faced an array of talent management and workforce planning challenges. The talent acquisition team at Delta Air Lines found the flexible features of its applicant tracking system (ATS) invaluable. Myria Peek, manager of talent acquisition technologies for Delta, told

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These are the changes coming to the HR tech market

In his HR Tech keynote Tuesday, analyst Josh Bersin explored how the pandemic and other industry changes are reshaping the market. Just one year ago, the world of work looked vastly different: The country was experiencing record-low unemployment, HR leaders were focused on retaining employees in a tight labor market and industry forecasters were plotting

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HR Tech Can Help Solve The Next Major Workplace Challenge: Connectedness

Many workplaces are starting to realize the consequences of a quick (but necessary) transition to remote or hybrid working environments in the wake of Covid-19. The initial challenge of getting employees up and running from home has been solved, but now an even bigger problem looms: how to keep them connected and engaged. The same

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13 Strategies For Training New Employees Efficiently

When a company hires a new employee, there is a lag time between their entry and their contribution to the organization. During this lag time, it's up to management and peers to train them and teach them the skills necessary to accomplish their tasks. Unfortunately, training takes time, and if the department is disorganized or

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How VR can boost L&D during stressful times

Online meetings have become newly commonplace in these days of COVID-19. Online learning and development, on the other hand, has been around for years, taking advantage of remote technology as it evolved. And evolve it has. The latest example of that tech evolution—in this case, delivered by virtual reality headsets—is Mercury XRS, a new cloud-based

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When the office goes, what happens to culture?

In the early months after Submittable, a Missoula, Mont.-based software company that employs about 100 people, shut down its office because of the coronavirus and told employees to work from home, people manager Asta So spent a lot of time figuring out how and when to bring workers back. But as the pandemic dragged on, her

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