Is upgrading HR tech part of your mental health plan in 2023? Read on to know the importance of HR technology today as we commemorate Mental Health Awareness Month in May.

HR Tech and Mental Health: An Important Synergy

You, as HR executives, are aware that employee happiness is a vital component of organizational success. The impact of mental health on employee well-being and productivity at work can’t be ignored.

2020’s survey by MIND discovered that 60% of adults in the United Kingdom confessed their mental health had gotten worse during the pandemic. In the second year of the pandemic, One-fifth of adults in the United States encountered considerable amounts of psychological distress. Mental health has a major impact on employee efficiency.

Anxiety and depression have a larger global effect – hurting the world’s economy by approximately $1 trillion yearly in productivity losses, according to a World Health Organization report. It is essential that employers recognize their responsibilities to their employees. Furthermore, technology has become vital for any workplace. It has enabled employees to stay engaged while preserving a semblance of normalcy during times of unprecedented change. When it comes to mental health, HR technology can play an outsized role in providing employees with the space, support, and guidance they need.