Jeffry Handal, an IEEE volunteer, credits his knowledge of standards with helping him land his job at Cisco Systems Inc. During the technical screening part of the application process, he was able to refer to standards when answering multiple technical questions, which helped him stand out from other job applicants.

Many of the technologies, devices, and products you work with as a technology professional, from Wi-Fi to messaging apps, function based on IEEE Standards. What’s more, because standards provide expert-led recommendations and guidance on the use of existing and emerging technologies, organizations that follow these standards can reduce their development time and costs, effectively communicate with other technologies, and build trust with customers in their products and services.

Across the technology industry, professionals see firsthand how understanding specific standards can help their careers, whether it’s landing their first job out of college or helping them move up the career ladder. In a workplace where standards are fundamental to a business’s success, understanding technical standards will help these workers grow their skill set and bring their employer some of today’s most up-to-date technical knowledge. Professionals who take the next step and become involved in collaborating and creating standards realize even more benefits as standards help them advance their career.