A few weeks ago, at our Advantage conference in Las Vegas, I was asked to lead a session on the technology-driven expansion of the CFO role over the past few decades. I was honored to team up with someone who’s followed this trend closely – Jack Sweeney, the executive producer of the CFO Thought Leader Podcast. He helped guide an insightful discussion with three highly experienced finance leaders who’ve certainly lived this evolution in their own careers: Ben Luety, CFO at Seattle Indian Health BoardKote Lomidze, the Chief Financial and Administrative Officer (CFAO) at World Learning, and Michelle Naus, CFO at Tri-County Mental Health Services, Inc.

We focused not just on how finance leaders should react to the changing landscape, but how you can look ahead to proactively capitalize on digital technology for the betterment of your org, your team, and even your career. Specifically, we zoomed in on three key aspects KPMG emphasizes in their Future of Finance article around the disruption of finance: 1) extreme automation, 2) insights and analysis, and 3) service delivery. Read on to glean tips about compelling innovations and ideas we heard from our diverse panel of experts.