Smart building technology has received a broad audience due to digitalisation and benefits in the construction industry. With global interest, the construction of smart buildings has become a new trend in development. Many studies identified a significant interest in the smart building technology application more than in conventional buildings. However, in developing countries, construction professionals have paid little attention to the adoption of smart building technology. Therefore, this paper aims to identify the benefits that are attached to the adoption of smart building technology (SBT) in the construction industry. The study is based on a systematic review of published articles in peer-reviewed journals and conferences. A total of 55 papers comprising conferences and journal articles retrieved from Scopus database were utilised for the study. The study’s findings revealed efficient energy consumption, cost-effective building maintenance and operation, job creation, health care management, real-time monitoring, safety and security, among others, as benefits of smart building technologies (SBTs). For smart building technology to thrive in emerging economies, a comprehensive understanding of its benefits is highly imperative. This will not only promote construction professionals’ knowledge of its concept but also enhance its successful adoption in these regions. Thus, the paper provides some insights into the benefit of smart building technology in developing countries while suggesting the formation of a synergic structure between the research community and practitioners in the construction sector.