“Mindfulness” is one of those zeitgeisty words that has invaded everything from beauty routines to breakfast cereal. Myriad brands promise mindful solutions to eating, exercising and using technology.

Understandably, all the noise about mindful living may leave some consumers confused about what, exactly, it means. Even the finance industry has jumped on the bandwagon, which is particularly perplexing. After all, what’s “mindful” about the stock market?

But just because mindfulness is a buzzword doesn’t mean it has no merit. The simple idea underpinning mindful finance is being more thoughtful and intentional about your money habits. Think of it as the antithesis to impulse purchases, unnecessary credit card debt and stress shopping. And let’s be honest: Plenty of people became familiar with that last habit in 2020, i.e., the year that shall not be named.

If you’re coming out of the Covid-19 quarantine in need of a financial reset, the below tools are worth investigating. These platforms can help you develop a more mindful approach to spending, budgeting, investing and saving.