Gaps in board members’ technical knowledge can get in the way of good decision making. Two association tech experts explain how to help board members stay focused on strategy when the conversation turns to technology.

Your board has the ultimate say in the direction your organization takes and the strategy it adopts to move forward. Technology is increasingly important to help organizations reach their goals, so a lack of tech knowledge in the boardroom can be a risk.

Recent research from the National Association of Corporate Directors [PDF] found that corporate board leaders lagged behind in tech knowledge compared with aptitude in leadership, strategic vision, and finance. Thirty-four percent of board chairs were skilled in technology, compared with 95 percent in leadership and 63 percent in both strategic vision and finance.

This lack of understanding can put a damper on strategic decision-making and inhibit innovation, no matter if the organization is for-profit or nonprofit. But a board with the right amount of technology savvy can help guide your organization into the future.

So how do you find a way to get the board on board with tech?