According to a recent Gallup report, employee engagement in the United States is at an 11-year low. Time to panic?

Not exactly. To be sure, engagement has nosedived since the pandemic, with only 30 percent of survey respondents saying they’re “highly engaged,” down from 36 percent in early 2020. But that’s still above or at the percentage between 2000 and 2013. And though the percentage of those who are “actively disengaged”—the “quiet quitters” that managers were so stressed about a couple of years back—has ticked up, the figure has stayed relatively steady across the time Gallup has conducted its survey.

What the study does reveal, though, is that organizations still haven’t cracked the code of managing hybrid work and creating opportunities for connection within their workplace and professional communities. So the shift presents an opportunity for association leaders not just in terms of their own staffs, but their members as well.