A pattern we see in many industries is that technology changes alongside culture and society, and this remains true for entertainment. The most obvious to consumers has been the shift from terrestrial television to streaming services like NetflixNFLX -0.8% and AmazonAMZN -1% Prime. The greater flexibility allowed consumers to decouple themselves from an entertainment schedule, being dictated by broadcast times. OTT platforms are aligned with the changing patterns of casualized work and study that focus on individual freedom. The expansion of these services also took place at a time when personal digital devices were becoming a norm and allowed for media consumption to be more private and personal.

As we move beyond the legacy media of TV, film, and music, other developments are taking place in the areas of virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and virtual metaverses. By taking advantage of these technological leaps, the creators of Sensorium Galaxy have brought to market an inhabited metaverse that uses cutting-edge technology to power its AI-driven avatars and brings the idea of an immortal virtual being into the realm of possibility.