The Guide for Women Entrepreneurs shares important tips for women in business generally and highlights items that are important for balance during the entrepreneurial journey. The Guide also provides practical tips for entrepreneurs like What Should I Put in a Pitch Deck, Do’s and Don’ts in Pitching, Do’s and Don’ts in Fundraising, Length of Time for Fundraising, Presenting to an Angel Network, Angel Pet Peeves to Avoid, Diligence on an Investor, and Going Through Diligence as an Entrepreneur. There is a Question and Answer section which addresses positioning yourself as a wife and husband or sister and brother team, offering an adviser equity and the vesting schedule, other forms of financing, conflicting advice from Mentors and Investors, dealing with biased investors, metrics that an investor wants to see, the difference fundraising in NYC and Silicon Valley, the difference between a product and an investment pitch, active or passive investors, the role press plays in fundraising, the ideal level of contact from investors, and my personal advice. The book also includes a section on becoming an angel investor for when entrepreneurs are ready to pay it forward and an Appendix with a sample pitch deck.

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